If you are looking for help with a Knox County ancestor line, please submit family group sheet information along with your challenge.

2020 Nov 30

I am researching a plane crash that occurred on 12/7/1945 that took the lives of 7 US AAF service men off the coast of HW. (my Grandfather was on that plane) also on that plane was a Sargent Leo F. Larson of Knox County, IL he was born 5/25/1916 enlisted 8/26/1941 from my heritage: census 1930 residence Altona, IL 13 yrs old; father Gilbert N. Larson, mother Hilma N. Larson; brother Paul L. Larson; sister Mildred M. Larson (b 2/15/1911, Altona, Knox County, IL)

I cannot locate any further info , no pictures, obits, etc. ... only a photo of his headstone in HW where he is buried. I have not been able to find any info on his siblings. Do you have any info you could share? as a point of interest for your site, I have detailed info regarding the actual plane crash and others on the plane that might be of interest.

Jeff Martin jamartin93@yahoo.com

2020 Nov 29

I am looking for information about a possible burial location for my ancestor John Martin JORDAN. John was a resident of Salem Township, Knox County, Illinois when he was killed in a railroad work accident on April 23, 1870 at age 27. Also, prior to his sudden death, John had served as a Private in Company I, 77th Illinois Infantry during the Civil War. In addition, at the time of his accident, John was married to Anna Catherine PENCE and had a one month old son, John Alva JORDAN. Any information would be helpful.

Robert Ortega rbortega@msn.com

2020 Oct 24

I found a previous entry with my name (Page 6) spelled incorrectly. I would like to update it with a new email address and further query.
I'm looking for information about the marriage between Amelia SCHICK and Charles L. HESELTINE. I recently found that a family of Frederick A. SCHICK lived in Galesburg in 1900 and 1910 according to the U.S. Census for those years. Frederick had a wife, Margaret and child, Leilia. This may be the family that brought Amelia to Galesburg for her wedding in 1888. Frederick was born in about1868 in Illinois, but I don't know where. Perhaps Galesburg. He moved his family to Colorado Springs by 1911. Amelia and Charles also had a child in Galesburg in September 1889, Charles A. HESELTINE. I can find NO birth records for Galesburg in Illinois State records. If someone has any information, I would appreciate them making contact with me.

This was my original submission:
"Bruce & Peggy Haseltine
I'm looking for information about Charles Lester Heseltine whose son Charles Augustus Heseltine was born in Galesburg, IL on August 17, 1889. C. Lester married Amelia Schick in Galesburg; she was from Aerfert, Germany. Maybe there is some information in a wedding or birth announcement? (10-98)"

I would like to update it as the name is spelled incorrectly and I have more information. I assume someone retyped what I submitted. I have since found Frederick A. SHICK in Galesburg in the 1900 and 1910 U.S. Census records. He was born abt 1868 in IL, not necessarily in Galesburg, but I have found very few births in other records in Galesburg. He was 33 in 1900 and had a wife, Margaret and child, Leilia. They moved away from Galesburg in 1911 but there may have been earlier family in Galesburg. As in my original post, Amelia Schick was married in Galesburg in 1888 and she and her husband had a child, Charles A. Heseltine in Galesburg. If anyone has any information I would appreciate being contacted.

Peggy Heseltine jstpeg68@gmail.com

2020 Jan 26

My GG Grandfather, Stewart McLung BUTT, was murdered in a cornfield near Dry Run Hollow on the Peoria Road in 1850. Several years later a man, on his death bed, confessed to the killing. I have never been able to find out who that person was.

DeLories Robinson-Vaughn treesrchde@gmail.com

2020 Jan 23

I would like to find out more of my great grandparents, Edwin and Anna Louise (MOUNT) EDWARDS, who married and started their family here in the 1850's.

Marilyn Vorce  mavorce@student.oaklandcc.edu

2019 Sep 15

I'm researching the family of Edward PHILLIPS, farmer; Birth August 23, 1835 Jersey City, New Jersey; M August 1862 in Knoxville, Il; D March 30, 1893 in Knoxville, Il; W Ellen Rachael RUSSELL; B May 23, 1844 in Knoxville. Il; child Birthier Custer.

Would appreciate any help you can give me. I'm looking for the name of his Father and Mother.

Thank you,
Mary Lane mary2094@comcast.net

2017 Jun 20
My name is Tony Damberg, and before I got married 11 years ago my last name was Svensson.

I live in Vargon, a small town 50 miles north of Gothenburg, at Lake Vanern. My family has been here for almost 100 years, and my grandfather Billy ended up here in the 40's when he met my grandmother Margareta. Sadly my grandfather died 1966 so I haven't met him. My grandmother passed away in 2002, I when I was a kid my grandma told us stories about her husband and his roots, memories and that kind of stuff. So when my own dad passed away in 2004, I became interested in genealogy and especially my father’s roots. So let's get back in time and see what I found … if someone would like to help me get more info about Carl Swanson, and his American history, it would be a great story for my family book.


On April 29th 1895, a boy named Karl Svensson, was born in a small town called Munka-Tagarp in southern Sweden. His family consisted of his father Olof Svensson Kampe and his mother Kersti Kristensson. Later on, the family moved to a small town, Mjallby, just outside Solvesborg in the south of Sweden. Karl's father worked as a farmer and also served as a seaman for a time with the Swedish navy. In 1914 the family lived on a croft, Stiby 4, outside Mjallby, and it's a hard time in Sweden and Europe due to the Great War, WW1.

In late 1914, October or November, Karl made a decision to leave his family and head for a new life in America. He get a ticket for a journey in February 1915, from Copenhagen in Denmark towards New York City. Just before his journey, he met a woman named Helga Johansson and she got pregnant. I'm not sure Karl knows about this, and early February he leaves Mjallby and will never get back again. His family, parents and his brother's and sister's … and the girl he met recently. Karl is heading for Malmoe and the Swedish police authorities to get permission to leave Sweden. On February 7th 1915, in Copenhagen Denmark, he embarks the S/S Frederik VIII and he arrives to New York City on February 20 1915. On the list or manifest of alien passengers for the United States, Karl declares that he is 19 years (almost) and is an iron worker from Mjallby in Sweden. A new life is about to begin …

When the ship arrives in Hoboken, New Jersey, Karl and other passengers get to the immigration authorities at Ellis Island. Perhaps at Ellis Island, Karl make a decision to change his name to Carl Swanson (note: at the digital search of Ellis Island back in 2016 I found Karl registered as “Karl Ivenson”, later the changed it to Karl Svensson on my request) and perhaps he makes apply to become an US Citizen? (It would be great to know more about his naturalization and the period from February 20 to his Military draft in June 1917)

Then, on 5th of June 1917 Carl registered in Knox County, Illinois, and later got service with the US Army Coastal Artillery Corps? His service number was 813724.

After the Great War, WW1, he married with his wife Laina E. Himberg. Carl and Laina Swanson settled down in Kenosha, Wisconsin and later got two sons, Leonard (1925) and LeRoy (1933). Carl worked as a grinder at Johnson Motor Company in Lake Waukegan, Illinois until he retired. Carl and his elder son Leonard served with US military in WW2. Carl at Fort Monroe, Virginia. Leonard served overseas in Normandy, Northern France and Rhineland. Both Carl and Leonard returned home to Kenosha. Carl passed away on 6th of January 1966 in Kenosha, Kenosha County, Wisconsin. Back in 2016 I sent a letter to Carl’s grandchild, Leonard’s daughter, Julie L. Mueller of Kenosha now living in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin. Due to her age, she finds it difficult to search archives about Carl and Leonard’s military service. She was happy when I called her later, when she respond to my letter and sent me pictures of her and her grandparents Carl and Laina.

So this is a short piece of history but important to me and my family…

I'm looking for all kinds of military and civil info about my great grandfather Carl Swanson (Karl Svensson was his swedish name) that enlisted for US military when he lived in Oneida, Knox county back in 1917. I know that he registrered in June 1917 and served with Coast Artillery Corps. His service number was 813724, as I have been told by historians from Kenosha, WI, where he settled down after the great war.

Kindest regards,
Tony Svensson Damberg tonydamberg@telia.com
2017 May 11
Hannah Graves is our brick wall in the family. I am trying to find a Hannah (Graves) Hovey who was the widow of Dan Randall Hovey.

Hannah was born 26 Feb 1773 and died 24 Jul 1851 near Knoxville, Knox Co, IL. Her parents and place of birth are unknown.

She married 1st, Dan Randall Hovey 2 Jul 1795 probably in NY state. Dan Randall Hovey (listed as Husa) was in the 1820 census of Gallipolis, Gallia Co, OH. Dan Randall Hovey died 15 Jun 1826 (probably in Chester, Meigs Co, OH or Gallipolis, Gallia Co, OH. He was born 17 Feb 1774 in Mansfield, CT and was the son of Daniel Hovey and Keziah Randall, who were married 13 Sep 1763 at Falmouth, Hants, Nova Scotia, Canada. This extended Hovey family went to Nova Scotia circa 1760 from Mansfield, Tolland Co, CT so they would be able to practice their religion as New Light Separatist Baptists. This family came back to Mansfield, CT and then migrated to NH before coming to Oneida Co, NY. Dan Randall Hovey was in the 1800 census in Charlestown, Ontario Co, NY and 1810 census in Sodus, Ontario Co, NY. He was in the 1820 census in Gallipolis, Gallia Co, OH and was taxed in Gallia Co in the years 1821 and 1822 at which time they may have moved to Chester, Meigs Co, OH.

It is unknown if Hannah (Graves) Hovey married again. Hannah appears to be in George Saunders' home with her daughter, Marinda Keziah (Hovey) Saunders in 1830 in Chester, Meigs Co, OH. I have found no record of a 2nd marriage for Hannah in OH. I looked in IL and did not find a record, but I may have missed it. I looked in census records for George Saunders 1840 and 1850 in Knox Co, IL and Hannah is not living with them. I looked in the census records for Ira Baker for 1850 in Galesburg, Knox Co, IL and she is not living with them. I found Ira Baker in Fulton Co, IL in 1840 was unable to see the ages of people in the home. I can only surmise that Hannah married 2nd and the marriage record has not survived or she married in an unknown location. I don't know of anyother family members that went to IL. I guess we could go thru the 1850 census of Knox Co. and look for a Hannah that is about 77 years old. There was a marriage of an Anna M. Hovey to Daniel Green on 25 Jan 1827 in Meigs Co, OH, but I think she may be from another family (Not Sure). Hannah has not been located in the 1850 census. She had two daughters:

1) Miranda Keziah Hovey who was born 13 Nov 1801 probably in NY and died 8 Mar 1842 near Knoxville, Knox Co, IL. Miranda married George Saunders 4 July 1826 (location unknown). Miranda is buried in the Knoxville Cemetery. My information comes from George and Marinda Keziah (Hovey) Saunders' Bible record;

2) Hannah and Dan's daughter, Lucretia Hovey was born 8 Jun 1812 probably at Sodus, Ontario Co, NY and died after 1870 in Wapello Co, Iowa. She married Ira Baker 24 Dec 1830 in Meigs Co, OH.

Both of these families came to IL. I found Ira Baker in the 1840 census of Fulton Co, IL, but could not tell who the other people in the home were.

It appears Hannah may have been in the home of George Saunders in 1830 census of Chester, Meigs Co, OH. It does not appear that Hannah was in the home of George Saunders in 1840 and 1850 censuses.

Thank You,
Dorothy Staats Kerns
P.O. Box 9, Ripley, WV 25271
Tel. # 304-3726100
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