World War I

The Knox County Honor Roll 1917-1918-1919 Service Record was published by The Wagoner Printing Company, Galesburg, Illinois, in 1920. It can be found in the Galesburg Public Library - Genealogy Shelves with the library call letters F547-K6K77. It provides 426 pages of information about the thousands of people from Knox County who assisted in the World War I effort through the military and on the home front.

The pages on this website are an alphabetical list of 3,443 names from the book including, when available, the town of residence, birth date, birth place, parents or nearest relative and spouse, and the page in the book where the name is found. In most cases, the book includes a picture of the individual and a rather detailed description of their contribution to the War effort. A Given Name followed by * indicates someone who died during military service.

The pages in the book are grouped as follows: pages 60-74 are "Gold Star Men" who died in service, pages 77-204 are "Army Service Men", pages 207-220 are "Navy Service Men", and pages 331-421 are "Knox County Home Service" participants.

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Contributed from Knox County Honor Roll 1917-1918-1919 Service Record by Bob Miller (information extractions) and Jim Ferris (pages 60 - 74 images)

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