1885-1886 Autograph Book

An autograph book, with a hard front and back cover, is approximately 4.25 wide x 2.75 inches high. The binding is on the end of the 4.25 edge. The front has a pink rose, stem with leaves, and a yellow ribbon tied on the end of the stem. It is in pretty good condition. At some point in time the binding had been repaired with a piece of brown (cotton ?) fabric, hand-sewn with brown thread - this holds the front and back cover together. The pages are held in with the same brown thread looped through the original string that connected the pages together. There could possibly be missing pages do to the fact that it looks like remnants of paper (could be the old binding) on the brown thread that holds the pages in now.
All marks in the book are in pencil or dark ink. The transcription of the book starts with the inside of the front cover and ends with the inside of the back cover.

Page 1 - (inside of front cover) scribbling with possibly the letters secret written on in the direction that would be up side down to the rest of the book
Page 2 - Scribbling and the words Avas Black
Page 3 - Scribbling
Page 4 - Written on the edge by binding: Remember me. Then across the right hand top of the page at an angle is:
for-get me not Avis,
Your friend, and School mate
Myrta Williams
Page 5 - Scribbling
Page 6 - Jan. 4 "86
Dear Avis
Do as your mother bids you
And do it with a grace
And if A fellow kisses you
Just slap him in the face
Is the advice of
Page 7 - Scribbling
Page 8 - Jan 9 th 1886
Avis Your Friend
Remember Me
I will you
Elbert Stotts
Page 9 - Scribbling
Page 10 - on the binding edge is: From you Friend (then below this is a possible: C
Avis Jany the 10 or 16
keep to the right
what ever you do
keep to the right and
stick to the true
From ? (noon) till the close of the day
Page 11 - Dear Avis
Remember me early
Remember me late
Remember me as your
truely school - mate
Your friend
Blanch Colville (or Solville)
Page 12 - Scribbling
Page 13 - On the binding edge: Jan 12 1886 Forget me not
Then on the opposite edge: Galesburg Ill..
Dear Avis
Friendship is a golden knot
tied by a angel's
Your Friend
Vie D. Johnson
Page 14 - Dear Avis Jan 21 st. 1886
Your album is a golden
In which I write for -
get - me - not.
Your Fr_ _ nd
Carrie W. Arnold
Galesburg Ill.
Page 15 - Scribbling
Page 16 - on the binding edge: Jan 22. 1885.
Dear Avis
Little children love each
other never give another pain.
If your brother speak in anger
Answer not in wrath again.
your friend
Natre (or Natia ? ) Parker
Page 17 - Scribbling
Page 18 - This one has a lot that I am very unsure of but here it goes
H lar Avis
L Last but not last
Your friend
Loraine Gay
Page 19 - Blank
Page 20 - Avis
This world is all a fleeting show
For man's illusion given
The smiles of joy the tears of woe
Deceitful shine, deceitful flow
There's nothing true but heaven
Meable Johnson
Mar 17, 1885
Page 21 - on the binding edge: Forget me not
on other edge is written: Galesburg, Ill. Jan 22. 1886
Dear Avis (there is a picture that looks like a flower here)
Kind hearts better then
kind tongues
Your school mate.
Annie Peterson
then in the bottom right hand corner faded or erased: Remember Me
Page 22 - Dear Avis
Remember your
Nellie Reynolds
Page 23 - Blank
Page 24 - Avis
Life is real, life is earnest
But the grave is not it's goal
Dust thou art to dust returnest
Was not spoken of the soul
Your Friend
Lillie Scudder
March 12, 1886
Page 25 - Feb 11. 1894
Dear Avis
All things bright
and beautiful,
All creatures great
and small,
All things wise
and wonderful
The good Good made
them all Nellie Presson
Page 26 - Avis
Remember your friend
and schoolmate
Blanch Johnson
Apr 17th 85
Page 27 - numbers written from the binding edge down: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Page 28 - Avis
Remember me and my
best wishes,
When you are home a
washing dishes.
Next door neighbor
Ella Scudder (or Seudder)
P. I. ?. (could be a C, G, S ? )
on the bottom right hand corner at an angle is: Mch. 12. ë86 Galesburg
Page 29 - Blank
Page 30 - Avis Your friend
When you sail up
life's Sea and
need an umbrella
you may have to
hold it.
On the binding edge is: a handsome
young fellow
Willie Watters.
Page 31 - Blank
Page 32 - Blank
Page 33 - Avis
Away over here in the end
I will sign myself your (this fades into the binding but I believe it is: your) friend
Emma Gr (the rest is faded/dirty: Grume?)
Page 34 - (back cover) Scribbling and Galesburg

Contributed by Barb, this autograph book was found at a flea market on 19 March 1999 in Johnson County, Iowa.

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