Families - Fahnstrom

Jonas & Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom came to the US from Smaland, Sweden to Galva in 1893 with their two youngest sons, George and Emel Fahnstrom and their only daughter Stina Casja Fahnstrom (Minnie) of 9 children, Jonas & Ingrid Fahnstrom's other 6 sons had already come to Galva from Smaland, Sweden, previously, William Fahnstrom the oldest came first in 1880, then Karl Fahnstrom came to US in 1883 and then Ben Fahnstrom came to US in 1888, Andrew Fahnstrom also came with his wife Lisen and their oldest son, Oscar, their only child at the time, in 1888.

Andrew, Hulda, Lisen, Carl Vannard, Oscar, Axel and Elmer

Two more brothers, Fred & Edwin Fahnstrom came to the US in 1889, then the father Jonas and mother Ingrid with the three remaining children came to Galva in 1893, they all settled in the Galva area. William (Bill) Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1860, died 1934, he never married, he is buried in the Galva Cemetery, Carl (Charlie) Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1862, he married had five children, he was a factory worker, he was killed by a train in 1905, he is buried in the Galva Cemetery. Andrew Erland Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1864, he was already married with one child when he arrived in Galva, Lisen and him had five children in all, he had become a tailor at the age of 14 years old in Sweden and continued in that trade all his life, that he lived in Galva, he owned a tailor store in Galva, he had a partnership with his brother Edwin, they called the store, "Fahnstrom Brothers", it was on Front street sometime and another street before that in Galva. later Edwin sold his part of the store and opened a tailor store in Victoria, then Andrew Fahnstrom and his two sons, Elmer & Axel Fahnstrom run the store for some years, until Andrew died in 1944, Andrew first wife Lisen had died in 1911, he remarried in 1920 to Amanda Evans Johnson, Andrew, Lisen and Amanda are all buried in the Galva Cemetery.
Fred Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1866, he married and had 13 children, he was a farmer in the Galva area, he died in 1955, four of his children are still living in the Galva/ Galesburg area, he is buried in the Galva Cemetery. Stina Casja Fahnstrom (Minnie) the only daughter in the family was born in 1873 in Sweden, she never married, she dedicated her life to taking care of Orphans at a Orphan home in Galesburg, she died in 1934 and is buried in the Galva Cemetery along with all her family members. Ben Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1870, he was a factory worker, he married and had one son Stewart Fahnstrom, who was a Blacksmith in Galva, he had a Blacksmith shop at one time in Galva, Stewart did a lot of famous wrought Iron work at the Bishops Hill Tourist center, candle Chandeliers, iron staircases, etc, Ben Fahnstrom died in 1949, he is buried in the Galva Cemetery. Edwin Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1877, he married a girl from the Bishops Hill Settlement, they had two children, he was a tailor by trade, he died in 1956 and is buried in Victoria, Illinois. George Fahnstrom was born in Sweden in 1881, he was a farmer, he married, he had 6 children, he died in 1968 and is buried in the Galva Cemetery. Johan Amel (Emil) Fahnstrom the youngest was born in Sweden in 1883, he married, moved to Texas, he had three daughters and he was a farmer, he died 1966 in Brady, Texas and is buried there. Fahnstrom descendents are still living in the Galva area today, some are living in Washington State, there are some living in Galesburg, West point, Victoria, Mapleton, Chicago, Glasford, Lakewood, Mi and Grand Ledge, Mi, they are all descendents of Jonas & Ingrid Fahnstrom.
OSCAR ADOLF FABIAN FAHNSTROM was born in Sweden in 1887, he came over with his mother Lisen, and father Andrew on a ship from Smaland, Sweden, he died young in 1912, in Galva, Illinois and is buried in the Cemetery there.
ELMER FAHNSTROM was born 1890, he married Mildred (Craine) Fahnstrom on July 12, 1928, she was the daughter of Charles A and Sophia Cottier Craine she was born June 25, 1901, on a farm two and one half miles west of Galva. Elmer and Mildred both worked for a time at the Fahnstrom Tailor store on Front street in Galva, which was owned for a while by Edwin Fahnstrom, Elmer's uncle, and later owned by Elmer's father, Andrew Fahnstrom. They lived at 16, N W 4th street, and both died there, he died in Oct 1967, and she died on June 1985, they had no children, Mildred had a brother in Galva, Maurice A Craine, died April 1988, but he had one son Elliott Craine who now lives in Ashland, Ohio, Mildred's relatives were originally from the Isle of Man, in England, they are both buried in Galva Cemetery.
CARL VANNARD FAHNSTROM was born 1893, he contacted TB after he was in the first World War, and he died in 1921, he married Wilhelmina Van Auken, daughter of Frank and Grace Van Auken, who was born 1898, and they had one son , Carl William Fahnstrom, born 1920, after Carl died Wilhelmina stayed in Galva for a time then she and Carl William (Bill) who was about 3 or 4 years old at the time, moved to California, to be with her mother and her father, Grace and Frank Van Auken, and her brother Fletcher Van Auken and his wife Leona (Miliken) Van Auken, who had moved to California in 1922. Wilhelmina died 1972, in Boise, Idaho, and is buried at Syringa Gardens, Boise, Idaho, and Carl William Fahnstrom died July 16,1996, and is also buried there. Wilhelmina had one sister Flora Margaret (Van Auken) Engstrand born 1895, who stayed in Galva, Illinois, she had married a Swedish farmer, Charles Engstrand, and they had one son named Van Engstrand who was born 1921, Van took over the farm when his father died in Sept 1968 , Van still lives in Galva, and is married to Marsha Ann, a nurse, Flora is buried in Galva Cemetery.
AXEL I FAHNSTROM was born 1896, he married Helen (Strand) Fahnstrom on June 23, 1930, in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Arvid Strand with the Reverend C Gideon Carlson, the Swedish Methodist preacher, Helen was born in 1904. Axel was in the military service, he enlisted in the United States Army in 1918, after that he became a partner with his father and brother Elmer in the Fahnstrom Tailor and clothing store . They continued the store on Front street, then after their father's death in Dec 1944, the business was sold to John Girvin in Jan 1962, and Axel still continued to assist there until 1973. He was a Reverend for many years in the full gospel mission church in Galva, Axel and Helen lived at 1009, West Division street, in Galva, they had no children, Axel is buried in Galva Cemetery. Helen Fahnstrom is still alive and is in Seminary Manor in Galesburg, Illinois, she is 94 year old.
HULDA FAHNSTROM was born 1899, She married Roy Alverson, they had no children, but they did adopt a baby boy, (Bill) he was the son of Byron and Wretha Boastrom, but his mother died a few days after his birth, so Roy and Hulda adopted him, his name was Williard G Alverson born March 18, 1930, Williard did service in the Army in Germany from 1951 to 1953, he died in 1994,in Peoria, and is buried in Galva Cemetery. Roy Alverson died a few years before Hulda, and then Hulda died in 1986, they are both buried in Galva Cemetery.
October 4, 1998.
I have good memories of my Uncle Elmer and his family over many days, thus I would like to share them with you. I have written histories of my Father and my Grandmother Sophia, which are related to Aunt Mildred and would be of interest to you but have not written the story of Mildred and Elmer. So the next paragraph will give you some incite to my remembrances of Mildred Craine and Elmer Fahnstrom, some of the story you already know. Galva was an ethnic community in the early 1900's, I estimate by about 1940 when I was in High School, the population was 80% Swedish, 10% Manx ( isle of Man, England) and 10% miscellaneous. Some friends would be a little disturbed as being classified as "miscellaneous", so that was the environment for Mildred and Elmer. Mildred Craine as the second of three children born to Manx immigrants, Charles Alfred Craine( Alfie) and Sophia Cottier. ( Maurice, Mildred and Donald) Mildred was born in 1901, in a farm house on the main road West of Galva about a mile from the turn off to Bishops Hill. When she was nine years old, Alfie moved his family to Minnesota, where he purchased a farm in the Red River valley, the venture was not successful, Grandfather Alfred (Alfie) died and Sophia returned to the Manx community of Galva, Illinois. Sophia purchased a house at 218, SW Third Street, about a block from downtown Galva, opened a boarding house. Both of Mildred's brothers had wandered: Maurice ( my Father) to many places in the Middle West and Donald to Chicago, Sophia and Mildred survived the trials in Galva. My memory is vague about many events to be described and I have very few notes. Elmer was one of three sons of Andrew Fahnstrom, a tailor immigrant from Smaland, Sweden, at some point in the 1890's maybe earlier, Andrew came to Galva and set up a tailor shop and sold men's clothing. All three sons were involved in World War I. Elmer was an infantry man the 4th Division, he was wounded and gassed in action, ( I do not remember where, it is difficult for me to understand why I did not record all this information) Carl died later from TB, and Axel was also in the War. After the War, Elmer and the youngest son Axel returned to Galva and went into business with their father Andrew Fahnstrom, selling men's clothing. As I remember, Andrew liked to do the tailoring, and Elmer wanted to do the selling and Axel was in between. In 1928 Elmer and Mildred were married, Sophia modified he boarding house, making an apartment on the West side of the house for Elmer and Mildred. About 1936, it became apparent that Sophia a the age of 74 was not able to run a boarding house by her standards. My history of Sophia describes her as the strongest woman (let me change that to person) in my Family History, she was extraordinary. Her oldest son Maurice (my Father) stopped his wandering, and brought his small family (me and mom) back to Galva to support Mildred and her mother. Our presence in Galva created tensions, Mildred and my mother were not compatible then or ever in their lifetimes. Elmer purchased a house on NW Third Street and Elmer and Mildred moved out, leaving 218, Third Street SW to Sophia and Maurice. It was a better location for Elmer, a block away from the tailor shop, an easy walk no matter what was the weather, Elmer never owned a car. By 1937, it was apparent that Sophia was very ill and she moved from her boarding house home ( it really was a home) to live with Mildred and Elmer on Third Street, Sophia died in 1939.
In 1937 when I was 13, you might visualize my life Galva. We lived on the South Side of the tracks in Grandmother Craines old boarding house. It was a substantial house for the times, just a block away from the main line of the CB & Q 9 Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Line) and 50 yards from the Rock Island Depot. Elmer, Mildred and Grandmother Craine lived in the small Fahnstrom home a block north the tracks Both junior high school and senior high school were on the north side of the tracks, so many times on my way home from school in the afternoon I went by Aunt Mildred's house on Third street. I think she loved to see me and Elmer always encouraged me to be there, they never had children and certain I became their surrogate son. I spent many hours there in the afternoon we had Manx tea and Swedish Rusks were there and they were compatible, even for a sophisticated teenager of the 30's Mildred had learned to make rusks and they were better than those at the Peterson's bakery. The tension between my mother and Aunt Mildred never subsided, it was a cross for me to bare, neither my father nor I was able to bridge the gap between them. The Fahnstrom Store was also a great place for me, I would stop there on my way home from school, to talk with Mr. Fahnstrom (Andrew), Elmer and Axel, I really do not know why, I just liked them and the store. They had a lot of good junk. memorabilia of the Great War, etc, after allot of pressure from me. Elmer gave me his steel helmet from the war, it was a great treasure for me, I wish I could tell you it was still with me, but my mother was not a saver, during my absence in World War II , it disappeared with many other items, I would love to have it today. Holidays for me usually involved the Fahnstrom's, Swedish stuff and I liked it, when we first came in 1936, activities were at Andrew Fahnstrom's home and it was strange to me, but at the same time it was great. Mrs. Fahnstrom overwhelmed me, she seemed more stern than her men, Andrew, Elmer and Axel were quiet gentlemen, she was strong, large and vibrant, after she and Andrew passed away, holiday dinners moved to Elmer's house where I was so comfortable. Usually they involved Axel and his wife, sister Hulda, her husband Roy Alverson, and son Bill and the Craine group. Both Elmer and Axel were active with the American Legion Post, then Post sponsored an exceptional Drum and Bugle Corps, Military bands of that type were very popular in the mid 1930's. The Galva Group was really impressive, dark blue military jackets, white jodpurs, black puttees and silver helmets (World War I style). Elmer played a bass bugle in the back row and I don't remember what Axel played. When they came marching down the street with their impressive drum major, setting the pace, it was difficult not to be aroused. They were good and pleased a crowd, in 1936 they went to the American Legion National meetings and were first in Class B Drum and Bugle Corps. My Father was not active with the Legion Post, although he was a veteran, Mildred and my mother were very active in the Legion Auxiliary, I am glad I never had to attend one of those meetings, but I did get an account of the meetings from different prospectives. The Fahnstrom's were a good experience for Galva, Andrew was a successful business man and produced an environment for his two sons who survived the War to be useful Citizens. Elmer, not only was the bulwark of his father's business but also served as a Treasurer of the City for many years. Axel Fahnstrom produced a particularly interesting story by himself, in the 1930's associated with the American Depression, several evangelical religious groups arose throughout the United States. One group was called the Four Square Church Gospel, a Four Square group arose in Galva and purchased a small building on the north side of town. Axel and his wife Helen became involved, by 1942 that involvement was so strong that both Axel and Helen became Ministers in the Church Structure, these churches did not have stature or respect in most communities, including Galva, with its great strength within the Swedish Churches, but Axel persisted in his quiet, refined manner he achieved a very respected stature for himself and his little church. He was frequently asked to speak or offer prayers at community functions, he became better known for his ministerial activities than for his tailoring activities.
Elliott Craine. ( Mildred's Nephew)
Galva Standard. Wed, June 14th, 1911.
Wife and mother called to her reward.
Mrs. Lisen Elsie Fahnstrom died at her home in this city last Saturday forenoon, aged 52 years 16 days, after an illness of over three years. She was born in Mobeda parish, Kronoberga Lan, Sweden, May 24th, 1859, was married to Andrew Erland Fahnstrom on May 21, 1886. To them five children were born, four sons and one daughter, all of whom with their father are living. She united with the Swedish Methodist church, March 10th, 1895 and has been a good and faithful member. The funeral service was held Monday afternoon at the Swedish Methodist Church and was conducted by Rev G A Nystrom.
Galva News. Dec 1912.
Oscar Fahnstrom was born in Hjortsberga, Kronoberga lan, Sweden, May 18th, 1887 and died in Galva, Illinois, December 23rd,, 1912, being in his departure 25 years, 7 months and 6 days old. He had been in failing health for about two years. He came to America with his parents when he was only one year old and resided in Galva the rest of his life except two years when he lived in Waterloo, Iowa. Three years ago he enlisted in the US militia and was made sergeant and served with honor. Oscar was of a quiet nature and very helpful with the home duties during his mothers illness and since her death. He was mourned by his father, Andrew Fahnstrom, one sister and three brothers and many other relatives and friends. The funeral services was held at the Swedish Methodist church Christmas Day in the afternoon. Many of Oscar Fahnstrom's comrades were present and the church was filled with sympathetic friends. Rev Nils W Bard had charge and spoke in the Swedish language and Rev J W. Swenson made an address in English. he choir sang two beautiful selections. The soldiers gave the salute at the Cemetery.
Galva News. Feb 25, 1914.
Jonas Fahnstrom died at his home in this city Monday night about eleven o'clock, aged 80 years, 10 months and 15 days after an illness of several months. Mr. Fahnstrom has resided in Galva about 13 years and prior to coming here he lived in Victoria about seven years. He was born in Sweden and was a soldier for 30 years in the regular army of Sweden. He came to this country twenty years ago. Mr. Fahnstrom is survived by his wife, seven sons and one daughter. The funeral service will be held at the home tomorrow forenoon at 11 o'clock and will be conducted by the Rev L B Benson, pastor of the Lutheran Church.
Galva News. Sept 20,1917.
Last Saturday morning near the hour of six o'clock, occurred the death of Mrs. Jonas Fahnstrom, an aged resident of our city. The deceased has been an unusually active woman, usually in good health, and her passing away was sudden and unexpected. She was taken sick only a couple of days prior to her death. Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom, was born Sept 24, 1837, in Quenneberga, Kronsburga- Lan, Sweden and at the time of her death, lacked but 4 days of being eighty years old. She was united in marriage to Jonas Fahnstrom, Feb 20,1858, and to this union were born nine children, eight sons and one daughter. The family came to America in the year of 1893, coming to Victoria, Illinois, where they resided for a number of years, later moving to Galva. The Fahnstrom home is being spoken of by friends as one of the occasional ones where deep spiritual convictions prevailed. The husband and father was a strong robust man who in his prime would frequently walk from Victoria to Galva and back in order to attend the Lutheran church which was the home church of his boyhood days. The mother too, had the same strong faith and did all that time and strength would permit her for her church. Mrs. Fahnstrom was a sacrificing woman, living a life of service for her large family. She has been a member of the Lutheran church since coming to Galva and the old friends and acquaintances who known her for years are unanimous in saying, she was truly a Christian woman and a servant of God. The husband passed away some three years ago at the advanced age of eighty - three years. At her death, Mrs. Fahnstrom is survived by her one daughter, Miss Minne Fahnstrom of Galesburg and seven sons, namely Amel of Brady, Texas, George of South Dakota, Fred & Edwin of Victoria, and William, Andrew and Benjamin of Galva. One son Charles met with an accidental death a number of years ago. There also survives her one brother in Victoria and thirty -two grandchildren as well as other near relatives in the west. The sons from Dakota and Texas were unable to attend the mother's funeral. Funeral services were held from the Lutheran church, Monday afternoon at half past two o'clock. Rev Benson, the pastor, officiating being assisted by Rev Englund of the Swedish Methodist Church. The service of song was rendered by the Mesdames Leander Lovgren, L B Benson, Lloyd Lindquist and C O Johnson. The body bearers were six grandsons of the deceased and the interment was in the family lot in Galva Cemetery.
John Amel Fahnstrom was born September 13th, 1883 in Smaland, Sweden, his parents were Jonas & Ingrid Fahnstrom. John came to the US in 1893 with his parents, brother George and his only sister Stina Casja, they joined the rest of the Fahnstrom family, six brothers, who had emigrated earlier at various times, they settled in the Victoria, Galva area in Illinois. John married Mary Hanson in Galva, about 1906, Mary was the daughter of Olof Hanson & Elizabeth (Andersson) Anderson, who had emigrated to the US from Sweden and arrived in Altona, Illinois in 1855 with her parents. Olof Hanson served three years in the Union Army and received a disability discharge on May 27th, 1861. Mary Hanson was born and raised in Altona, Illinois, she had two sisters, Christine and Emma and three brothers, Joseph, Abner and Andrew. Andrew died young, having no children of his own, he left his inheritance to his sisters, Mary and Emma. Soon after John and Mary were married they moved to West Sweden in Texas, a few miles west of Brady, the county seat of McCulloch county, Texas. John & Mary Fahnstrom had three daughters, Rena who was born Oct 7th, 1908 and Ruth and Emma. Rena (Fahnstrom) Bassett died September 1981, she was married, but had no children of her own, she had a stepson. Ruth Adalia Fahnstrom married Sam Melton, they had two children, Mary Elizabeth Melton. Samuel Melton. Emma Fahnstrom married Mr. Dahlberg, they had one son, Kenneth Darlberg.
Galva News, Thursday, December 14, 1944.
Conduct Services Tuesday at Johnson Chapel.
Final services for Andrew Fahnstrom, 80, veteran Galva tailor and resident of the city for more than a half century, were conducted Tuesday afternoon at Johnson's chapel here. he died shortly after 4 o'clock Sunday at his home on Southeast First street, after being in failing health for the past year. He had been bedridden less than a week before his death. Rev C. H. Malmquist, of Chicago, former pastor of Grace Methodist church, assisted by the present pastor, Rev A H Nothdurft, officiated at the rites.
Mrs. Mary Johnson and Mrs. Mabel Jacobson, sang duet numbers, "Good night and Good morning" and a song, "In the Sweet by and by" in the Swedish language. Mrs. Verna Bowman Anderson was the accompanist. Pallbearers were Arvid Strand, Fred Jacobsen, John Peterson, Fred Carlson, Eskil Johnson and B W. Johnson and interment was in Galva cemetery.
Carl William Fahnstrom was born February 28, 1920 in Kewanee, Illinois to Carl Vannard Fahnstrom & Wilhelmina (Van Auken) Fahnstrom. His father Carl Vannard Fahnstrom, after serving in World War I, contacted TB and died in 1921, Bill's grandfather was Andrew Fahnstrom, who owned the Fahnstrom Brother's Tailor store for many years in Galva. Wilhelmina and Carl (Bill) stayed for awhile in the Galva area, but when Bill was around 5 years old, Wilhelmina and him moved to California, where Wilhelmina's father Frank Van Auken and her mother Grace (Ryan) Van Auken and her only brother Fletcher Van Auken and his wife Leona had moved to a few years before. Bill grew up in the Los Angeles area, he served in the US Navy during World War II, as a sheet metalist on the planes. He met Audrey Jean Harris and they were married on Nov 26, 1944, and later moved to Boise, Idaho, Bill worked for Harris Lumber Company in Boise for many years and then worked for Richardson Equipment and he retired from them in 1985, he lived in Boise the rest of his life. Bill & Jean Fahnstrom had five children, Gordon Paul, Martha Jean, David Carl, Sarah Ann and Mary Vanessa. Bill Fahnstrom was a member of the first Church of Christ in Boise, he died July 16, 1996 and he is buried in Sypringa Gardens, Dry Creek, in Boise, Idaho.
Idaho Statesman. December, 1972.
Services for Wilhelmina Hubbard 74, of 2717, Madison, who died Thursday of natural causes at a Boise nursing home, will be conducted at 2 pm, Saturday in Relyea mortuary by Pastor Kenneth Beckman, first Church of Christ, interment will be at Syringa Gardens, Dry Creek, Boise, Idaho. She was born April 7, 1898 at Annawan, Illinois and attended the schools in the area, she attended Galva, business College at Kewanee, Illinois. She married Carl Vannard Fahnstrom, son of Andrew & Lisen Fahnstrom, in Galva, in 1918, he died in 1921 of TB, which he contacted while serving in World War I, they had one son, Carl William Fahnstrom born February 28, 1920. Wilhelmina married Alvord Hubbard on November 4, 1940 at Las Vegas, she moved to Boise in 1948 and had lived here since Survivors include a son, Carl William Fahnstrom of Boise, a sister Flora Engstrand, Galva, five grandchildren. five great grandchildren and a nephew. Pallbearers will be Leroy Hall, James Harrell, Jess Corn, Ted Leavitt, James Olson and Arvin Sneed. Friends may call at Relyea Mortuary from 9 pm, today and Saturday before services.
Learns Trade in Sweden.
Andrew Erland Fahnstrom was born in Sweden on January 22, 1864, one of a family of ten children born to Mr. & Mrs. Jonas Fahnstrom. At he age of ten he began serving as an appreciate to a "skadare" (Tailor) who traveled from house to house in the rural districts of Sweden, employing five of six men to handle any tailoring or sewing that the families might want done. The first year Mr. Fahnstrom paid 15 "Kron" for the privilege of learning the trade. Although he did not have to pay for his training the following year, he received no wages for his work.
Leave for America.
Mr. Fahnstrom was married to Lisen Magnuson on May 24, 1886 in Sweden. One son, Oscar, was born to them in Sweden and a short time later in the year 1888, they came to America, settling in Galva. Two brothers had previously come to this community. He begun working for Captain Peter Johnson, father of the late L. C. Johnson, who was operating a tailor shop in Galva at that time. A short time after they settled here, the Fahnstrom's made arrangements for other members of the family to come to this community. Both the father and mother are buried in the local cemetery. Other children besides the son born in Sweden were Elmer, Carl, Axel and Hulda (Mrs. Roy Alverson of Galva). Mrs. Fahnstrom died in 1911 and two sons also preceded him in death, Oscar, who died at the age of 25 years, and Carl who died in 1921. Mr. Fahnstrom's marriage to Mrs. Amanda Evans of Chicago took place November 21, 1921, and they had lived in Galva during that time.
Opening a Tailor Shop.
Opening of the tailor establishment that was to be known as "Fahnstrom Brothers' took place in 1905 when Mr. Fahnstrom, with a brother Edwin Fahnstrom, formed a partnership here. The business continued for ten years when the brother Edwin opened a shop in Victoria, where he is still in business. In 1915, a son Elmer, entered the tailoring trade and some time later another son Axel joined the firm. During the past year, Mr. Fahnstrom had been in failing health and had been in the shop infrequently, although previously he had been active in the business. A member of the Grace Methodist church, he had served on the official board for several years. He was a member of Galva Masonic Lodge and at one time was a member of the Odd Fellow lodge here. Survivors include his widow, two sons, Elmer and Axel, a daughter, Mrs. Hulda Alverson, and two grandchildren, all of Galva. There are five brothers, Ben, George and Fred Fahnstrom of Galva, Edwin of Victoria and Amel of Temple, Texas. Relatives attending the funeral service included the following: Mrs. Amanda Fahnstrom, Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Fahnstrom, Mr. & Mrs. Axel Fahnstrom. Mr. & Mrs. Roy Alverson of Galva, Mrs. Frank McCarthy of Chicago, Ben & George Fahnstrom, of Galva, Edwin and Fred Fahnstrom of Victoria, Mrs. Louise Fahnstrom and Anna, of Victoria, Mr. & Mrs. Stewart Fahnstrom of Galva, Herman & Harvey Fahnstrom of Galva, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Fahnstrom of Victoria, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Fahnstrom, of Victoria, Rolland Kaser of Victoria, Mrs. Charles Gibbs, and Mrs. Betty Johnson of Galva and Mrs. Hugh of Galesburg.
Galvaland Paper, reprint of article in 1949.
In the days of tailoring-made suits, a man who wanted a new outfit for Easter, could have it made at the Swedish shop of Andrew Fahnstrom and his brother Edwin Fahnstrom. Originally they were in a frame building on South Exchange Street and later occupied the east room of Opera House block. An undated picture was taken in the latter location and was provided for use in Galvaland by Mrs. Gilbert Swanson, (Mildred Anderson) of Cambridge, whose father, Thure Anderson worked or the Fahnstrom's. The men listed on the picture from the left to right were, Thure, second man was unidentified, Elmer Fahnstrom ( son of Andrew) Edwin Fahnstrom and Andrew Fahnstrom. The latter's other son, Axel began working in the store after World War I, at one time Carl Gufafson was a tailor for the Fahnstrom's and there were other tailors at different times. Fahnstroms moved from the South side to the Opera house block in 1908, A. L. Henrickson had a jeweler store in the southwest corner of the room. The store was moved farther west to 354, Front street in 1944, pictures of both locations were published in Galvaland in 1962. The store location is still there today, but today it is a second hand baby supplies and baby clothing. We visited Galva in 1971, we stayed with Mildred Fahnstrom for a few days, the Friday evening that we arrived, they were celebrating Axel Fahnstrom's 75 birthday party, so we got to be part of that, we visited Hulda (Fahnstrom ) Alverson, oh what ladies they were, they treated us like royalty, I shall never forget that visit. We went to the Galva cemetery and took pictures of everyone's graves and then one afternoon we went to visit the Fahnstrom Tailor store, it was still there in 1971, but it had been sold to John Girin, who had still kept the Fahnstrom name on the front of the store, John took us in and showed us around the store, he was a very nice gentleman, we must not have been thinking right because we never even took a picture of the store.
Two Family names long identified with Galva's business history are Fahnstrom and Houghton, as the city's oldest merchandising firms, the Fahnstrom tailoring and clothing store and E. W. Houghton Lumber Co. Recently the Fahnstrom clothing store was involved in a transaction for the sale of the co founder of the tailor shop and store about 60 years ago, the late Andrew Fahnstrom. However the store will continue to bear the name Fahnstrom under the management of John Girvin has resided in Galva several years ago before moving to Kewanee, where he was engaged in Auto sales.
The Fahnstrom brothers did not sever all connections with the store after the sale. Axel assisting the new owner and Elme continues to maintain an office there as the Galva township supervisor, with a desk in the rear part of the store. Also the men retained ownership of the building at 354 Front Street. where the store has been located since 1944, when it moved from the east room of the former opera house block.
A tailor shop owned by Edwin Fahnstrom in 1903, marked the beginning of the present store, the tailoring business was operated in the rear of the barber shop in a frame building on the site where the farmers bank later was built. Andrew Fahnstrom formed a partnership with his brother Edwin Fahnstrom the following year in the basement room at the southwest corner of the present LeClaire Hotel block. Andrew who had learned the tailor trade in Sweden, worked for Captain S. P Johnson after arriving in Galva in the late 1800's. The Johnson shop was on the present site of the Galva post office and Andrew continued to work there for Lawrence C Johnson, son of Capt Johnson, after the latter's death. Fahnstrom brothers moved from the basement location to the frame building oh John H Best on approximately the same location as the present office of Galvaland Press. In addition to the frame building they occupied, the rear of the corner housing the Cairns real estate and insurance office. Elmer Fahnstrom assisted his father and Uncle Edwin there and others working in the shop included Joe Stephenson, C. W. Carlson and Peter Swanson.
In 1908 the Fahnstrom tailor store was moved to the east room of the opera house block and remained there 36 years. The partnership between Edwin and Andrew ended in 1915, after which Elmer became a partner of his father, Andrew and later the other son Axel Fahnstrom joined the partnership. Both sons were in the service during World War I, Andrew's death occurred in December, 1944, the year the store was moved to the present location, for many years the room was occupied by the A. B. Anderson shoe store. The Fahnstrom's specialized in making suits and overcoats and also carried a full line of woolen goods.
Suit clubs were conducted in the early years of the Fahnstrom shop, one of Elmers boyhood duties was to make the rounds each week to collect $1 from each member, there were no drawings in those days, during the early 1920's the store handled all types of men's furnishings. Both Elmer and Axel were members of Galva's famous drum and bugle corps and a natural result was that they spent much time keeping the uniforms of all the corps members in top shape, the outfits formed a colorful sight on the racks in the tailoring department, Mrs. Hulda Alverson of Galva, is a sister of Elmer and Axel Fahnstrom.
Benjamin FAHNSTROM born March 11, 1870 in Kvenneberga, Smaland, Sweden, he came to the US in 1888, he was a factory worker, he married Hattie (Steward) Fahnstrom, he did marry a second time to Mamie Fahnstrom, all three are buried in Galva Cemetery. BEN FAHNSTROM and Hattie Fahnstrom had one son, STEWART J FAHNSTROM born on June 22, 1895, in Victoria, Illinois, then the family later moved to Galva, Illinois, where Stewart attended school. When Stewart (Stewie) was only 15 years old, he did an apprenticeship for the Hay's Company in 1910, later he became a soldier on May 13, 1917, and he was in World War I and while serving overseas one of his jobs was to shoe horses, he also worked at the John Clark Company , and was employed in a blacksmith shop in Peoria, Illinois, and received his State License for being a Blacksmith. there at the shop, he also owned a Blacksmith store, in Galva. Fahnstrom Blacksmith Shop, located on NE 1st Street , Market Street, in Galva. Stewart also worked at the Colony Blacksmith shop in Bishops Hill the old Swedish Settlement, near Galva,( which was a tourist Center then, and still is today) where he made many items for state property, chandeliers and other iron work structures, and he also did demonstrations for them. Stewart married Mary (Franz) Fahnstrom on Jan 12,1921, she was born Sept 4, 1898, and died Dec 1980, they fostered a daughter named Pearl Fahnstrom who married a Edward Wilkerson, they lived at 219,SW 7th Street, Rock Island, Illinois, most of their life.
Stewart FAHNSTROM had memberships in: The Masonics. The American Legion. The Low 12 Club (masonic) The Bugle Corps The Galva Lodge 243 AF The Club of his WWI Army Unit, and he was a member of The First Baptist Church. Stewart had an article in the National Geographic Book, a hard back book, the article was called "Craftman of America" it was a two page article about Craftmans from all parts of America, it was a article about his work at Bishops Hill, in the 1975 issue. Stewart and Mary celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in 1971, he died in June of 1979, at the age of 84 years old, he had spent some time in St Mary's Hospital, Galesburg, before he died. Mary Fahnstrom died Dec 1980, she was 82 years old, both are buried in Galva Cemetery.
John Amel FAHNSTROM born 1883 in KVENNEBERGA , Smaland, Sweden came to US in 1893, with his father Jonas and mother Ingrid Catharina Fahnstrom. John Amel married Mary Adalia Hanson , they moved to Brady, Texas, he was a farmer and had three daughters: Rena (Fahnstrom Bassett) a nurse born 1908, died 1981.
George FAHNSTROM born 1881, in KVENNEBERGA Smaland, Sweden, came to the US in 1881, he was a farmer, he married Amanda Emma Johnson, born 1877, died 1940, their daughter married Ralph Huffman, and their son Robert Huffman is living in Kewanee, Illinois. George Fahnstrom' s daughter Ester married Harry Swanson and their son Larry George Swanson is living in Galva, at Harvey Fahnstrom's house, his uncle Harvey died in 1993 and he had no children.

"George and Amanda would have been my Great-Great Grandparents. Their daughter, (listed here as "their daughter") was my Great Grandmother, who I knew into my college years before she passed in 1994. Her name was Anna Fahnstrom-Huffman. On the website of the Knoxgenweb families, they did not list her by name. Her husband was James R. Huffman, but they listed it as "Ralph" Huffman. He never went by that in my lifetime and it was always "Jim." It also listed my Uncle Robert "Bob" as their son, but did not list their daughter (my Grandmother) Arlene Huffman-Bates. Here is the obituary for my Great Grandmother -

Anna E. Huffman, 92, of 304 S.E. 1st St., Galva, died Tuesday, Oct. 18, 1994, in Kewanee. Services are 2 p.m. Friday at Rux-Schuster Funeral Home, Galva. Burial is in Galva Cemetery. Visitation is noon to service time. Memorials may be made to First Methodist Church, Galva, where she attended. The former Anna Fahnstrom was born Aug. 15, 1902, in Lynn Township, Knox County, the daughter of George and Amanda Johnson Fahnstrom. She married James R. Huffman Dec. 8, 1923, in Galva. He died Aug. 26, 1988. Mrs. Huffman was employed in earlier years at Boss Manufacturing, Kewanee, and Hayes Pump and Planter, Galva. She enjoyed camping, fishing, cooking and traveling. She also enjoyed tending to day to day activities on the farm that she and her husband operated. Survivors include a daughter and son-in-law, Arlene and Thomas Bates, Galva; a son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Mary Huffman, Kewanee; four grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; a great-great-granddaughter; and a sister, Esther Swanson, Galva."

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Elmer F Fahnstrom, Galva Township Supervisor Over 32 Years, Retired Business Man, Dies.
Elmer Frederick Fahnstrom who had served as Galva township during the past 32 years and who was in the men's clothing business until retiring in 1962, died suddenly October 24, 1978 in his home at 16, Northwest 4th Avenue. He had returned twelve days earlier from Kewanee Public Hospital, where he was a patient because of a heart ailment. His death occurred six days after his 77th birthday. Mr. Fahnstrom had started his 9th term on the Henry county board of supervisors, after his reelection in April and was in Seniority. A lifelong Republican, he was first elected supervisor in April 1935, when J. J. Schneder, Democratic supervisor, retired from the board. Although he was eligible for chairman of the county board several years ago, he declined to accept it, but had served on numerous committees. By virtue of his office he was supervisor of the public assistance (relief) in Galva township and was treasurer of the road and bridge fund. Elmer had spent many ears in the tailoring and men's clothing business and learned the trade in Lawrence C Johnson's shop. His father Andrew Fahnstrom began work in the shop of Mr. Johnson's father, Capt Johnson after arriving from Sweden. The Fahnstrom Store dates back to 1903, when Edwin Jonas Fahnstrom of Victoria, opened a tailor store here on South Exchange Street. His brother Andrew became a partner the following year. In 1908 the store was moved to the east room of the Opera House block. Elmer worked in the tailor store as a young man and after the partnership between Edwin & Andrew dissolved in 1915, Elmer became a partner of his father. The other brother Axel became a partner later. Elmer & Axel continued to operate the store after their father's death in 1944, which was the year the store was moved to its present location. The business was sold to John Girvin in January, 1962, but the name was retained by the new owner. As a veteran of World War I, Elmer was a member of Galva, Drum & Bugle Corps. Because of their tailoring skill, he and Axel had the task of keeping the colorful uniforms in good condition. Mr. Fahnstrom served as president of Galva Savings & Loan association 19 years, from 1942 to 1961, but he continued on the board of directors until after his death. He was a member of Galva, First Methodist church. Other memberships included Hagberg - Hamlin post of the American Legion (he was a charter member of Galva service club organizer in May 1919, as the forerunner of the American Legion) Henry County 40 & 8 and a charter member of the Lions club. One of five children of Andrew & Lisen (Magnusen) Fahnstrom, he was born in Galva on October 18th,1890 and attended school here. He was united in marriage with Mildred Craine of Galva, on July 12th, 1928, in Aurora and all of his married life was spent in Galva, Illinois. In addition to Mrs. Fahnstrom, he was survived by his sister, Mrs. Roy Alverson, (Hulda) and one brother Rev Axel Lawrence Fahnstrom, both of Galva. he was preceded in death by two brothers, Oscar, who died at the age of 21 in about 1912 and Carl Vannard, who died in March 1912 at the age of 27 years old. Services , October 27th in Johnson - Gill - Schuster chapel were conducted by the Rev K Belmont Metzger of the First Methodist church, organ selections were by Mrs. Verna B Anderson. Military rites in Galva were conducted by the Fusiliers of the American Legion, bearers were Leon E Lewin, Ray C Dillion, Gerald D Young, John Girvin, Harold Smith and Harry G Johnson.
Alvord E Hubbard.
Services for Alvord (Bert) Elthelbert Hubbard, 72, of 2717 Madison, who died Wednesday, July 2, 1969, in a Boise hospital after a brief illness, will be conducted at 2 pm monday at he Relyea Mortuary bythe rev Kenneth Beckman of the First church of Christ. Interment will be at Springa Gardens,Dry Creek, Boise. Mr Hubbard was born March 24, 1897 at Springer, NM. He married Wilhelmina Fahnstrom, Nov 4, 1940 at Las Vegas. They moved to Boise from Northridge, California in 1947. He tok an active interest in artistic painting. He was a veteran of World war I and was a member of the Unitarian Fellowship. In addition to his wife, he is survived by a stepson, Carl W Fahnstrom of Boise. Elmo Hubbard of Albuquerque, NM. a sister Bertha Lewis of Port Angeles, WA and five grandchildren and two great grandchildren, two brothers prededed him in death. Pallbearers will be George Johnson, James Nelson, James Tompkins, Ed Langworthy, James Hopper and William Adelmann.
Stewart Fahnstrom
The Galva News. Thursday, June 21, 1979.
Funeral services for Stewart J. Fahnstrom, 83, of Galva, were held at 1 pm, Wednesday, June 20, at the Johnson - Gill - Schuster Chapel with Rev Kenneth Starns officiating. Burial was in the Galva Cemetery where military rites were conducted by Hagerg - Hamlin Post 45 of the American Legion, Galva. He died at 10;05 am, Sunday June 17, 1979 at St Mary's hospital, Galesburg, where he was admitted as a patient on may 28. He was born in Knox county, Illinois, on June 22, 1895, the only child of Benjamin and Hattie Stewart Fahnstrom. He was educated in the Galva schools. He served in the US Army during World War I, enlisting, May 13, 1917 and received his honorable discharge, June 7, 1919 at Camp Grant, Illinois. He served as bugler for Brty, E, 123rd Field Artillery. He married Mary Franz on January 17, 1921 at Rock Island. He was a blacksmith in Nekoma for two years and in Galva for 33 years. The past seven years, he has been in the blacksmith shop at Bishop Hill, demonstrating blacksmithing to the public and giving lessons. He lived all of his life in the Galva area. He was a member of First Baptist Church, Galva, Masonic Lodge, 243, AF & AM. past master of the Low12 club (masonic), Hagberg Hamli, Post 45, American Legion, Galva and a member of the Galva Drum and Bugle Corps. He is survived by his wife, Mary, Galva, a foster daughter, Mrs. Ed (Pearl) Wilkerson, Galva and several cousins. He was preceded in death by his parents. Memorials may be directed to the family for families memorial choices.
Obituary of Wilhelmina Fahnstrom Hubbard
Services for Wilhelmina Hubbard, 74 of Madison, who died Thursday, Dec 28, 1972, of natural causes at a Boise nursing home, will be conducted at 2 pm, saturday in Relyea mortuary by Pastor Kenneth Beckman, First church of Christ. Interment will be at Syringa Gardens, Dry Creek, Boise, Idaho. She was born April 7, 1898 at Anawan, Illinois and attended schools and business college at Kewanee, Illinois. She married Carl V Fahnstrom in Galva in 1918. He died in 1921. She was married to Alvord E Hubbard on Nov 4, 1940 at Las Vegas. She moved to Boise in 1948 and had lived here since. Survivors include a son, Carl W Fahnstrom, Boise, a sister, Flora Engstrand of Galva, Illlinios, five grandchildren, five great grandchildren and a nephew and neice. Pallbearers will be Leroy Hall, James Harrell, Jess Corn, Ted Leavitt, James Olson and Arvid Sneed. Friends may call at the Relyea Mortuary from 9am to 8;30 pm today and Saturday before services.
Services Held Saturday of Mrs. Mary Fahnstrom.
Funeral services for Mrs. Mary Fahnstrom, 82, of Galva, were held Saturday, Dec 6, at the Johnson - Gill - Schuster Chapel with Rev Kenneth Starns officiating. Burial was in Galva Cemetery. She died at 5 pm, Thursday at St Mary's Hospital, Galesburg. She was born in Germany, one of 18 children of Jacob and Mary Ceasar Kranz, coming to America at the age of four. She was educated in the Fairview Park, Indiana, schools. She was a member of the Royal Neighbors of America and the American Legion Auxiliary of Galva, She was married to Stewart Fahnstrom, January 17, 1921 in Rock Island. He died June 17, 1979. She is survived by a niece, Mrs. Ed (Pearl) Wilkerson, Galva, two bothers William Kranz, Hobart, Indiana, Frank Kranz, Hobart, Indiana, one sister, Mrs. Josephine Bergetz, Des Plains, She was preceded in death by her husband, 13 brothers and one sister. Memorials may be made to the family at a later date.
Clarence Fahnstrom
Star Courier, Kewanee, Illinois. Wednesday, June 13, 1979.
Funeral services for Clarence "Casey" Fahnstrom, 83 of Victoria, who died May 16 at 12:08 am in Galesburg's cottage Hospital, were scheduled at 1:30 this afternoon, May 18, in the Johnson - Gill - Schuster Chapel, Galva. Rev Andrew Hill of the United Methodist Church, Victoria, was to officiate. Interment may be directed to the Knox County Nursing Home, Knoxville. Clarence Fahnstrom was born March 19, 1898 in Knox County, one of 12 children of Fred & Ingrid (Johnson) Fahnstrom. He was educated in rural schools. He farmed and in the later years did carpentry. He was a member of the United Methodist Church, Victoria. Fahnstrom married Behulah Harpman on February 27, 1929 in Rockford. She died January 4, 1953. Surviving are two daughters, Mrs. Raymond (Aldene) Cole of Independence, Mo, and Mrs. Claridon (Jo Anna) Carlton of Williamsfield, four brothers, Raymond and Wesley both of Galva, Elmer and Leslie, both of Victoria, three sisters, Mrs. John (Lille) Sall of Galva and Mrs. Frances Stewart of Galesburg, nine grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. In addition to his parents and wife, he was preceded in death by a son, two brothers and two sisters.
Edward Fahnstrom
Funeral services for Edward Fahnstrom 84, of rural Victoria, were held at 1: 20 pm, Saturday January 31, at the Johnson - Gill - Schuster Chapel. High priest La Verne Benson of the reorganized church of Jesus Christ, Victoria, officiated and burial was in the Galva Cemetery. Edward Fahnstrom died at noon Wednesday, January 28, at his home. He had been failing in health the past two years. He was born January 2, 1897 in Knox County, one of 12 children of Fred & Ingrid Fahnstrom. He was educated in the rural schools and attended business college. He worked for seven years as a carpenter and farmed for over 5o years. He was a member of the Knox County Farm Bureau, he was married to Gladys King, December 1921 in Galesburg. Survivors include his wife Gladys, rural Victoria, one son, Willis Fahnstrom at home, five brothers, Clarence Fahnstrom, Knoxville, Raymond Fahnstrom, Victoria, Elmer Fahnstrom, Victoria, Wesley Fahnstrom, Victoria, three sisters, Mrs. John (Lille) Erlandson, Davis Junction, Illinois, Mrs. Walter (Alice) Sall, Galva, Mrs. Frances Stewart, Galesburg. He was preceded in death by his parents, one brother and two sisters. Memorials may be directed to the reorganized Church of Jesus Christ, Victoria.

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