Fink Cemetery

This old abandoned cemetery is located in South East Quarter of the South West Quarter of Section 20 in Truro Township, Knox County Illinois on the farm which is now known as the Wayne Ott Farm. There is evidence of possible burials which has been removed and also possibly other stones which are covered with growth. [Transcriber's Note: That is as of 1976, the date this document was written by the DAR.]
Temple, Marvis S.; born ???; died 5 Mar 1864; age 24yrs. 3 mo. 17 days
Morgan, ???; born ???; died 12 Mar 1870; age 5yrs.; Son of P. & M. Morgan (top of stone missing)
Fink, Osilla S.E.; born ???; died 5 Apr 1863; age 4yrs. 20 days; adored daughter of M. F. Fink
(On front of Pyramid stone)
Fink, Charles; born ???; 22 Feb 1862; age 11 mo. 10 days
Charles, son of J.&S. Fink
(On back of above stone)
Children of Jacob M. & Susanna Fink:
Charles; died 22 Feb 1861; age 11 mo. 10 days
[The DAR reports Charles Fink's death both in 1861 and 1862.]
Elizabeth; died 21 Mar 1870; age 4yrs. 4 days
George M.; died 11 Mar 1873; age 17yrs. 10 mo.
Henry W.; died 11 Mar 1873; age 3yrs 7 mo. 25 days

Transcribed by Michael A. Murdock with permission from the Illinois DAR.

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