Dawdy-Boydston Cemetery

Located in Indian Township, Section 16, near Abingdon, Knox County, Illinois.

Listed inscriptions below are a combination of the lists compiled by Margaret Richardson Bates, Knox County Genealogical Society, and members of the Colonel Jonathan Latimer Chapter, DAR.

Indian Point Cemetery was named for the remains of an Indian Village that early settlers found when they settled in the territory. Authors cannot agree on the name, but agree that John Dowdy lived in Section 16 in 1838. A quit claim deed given by John Dawdy and his wife Tabitha Boydstun dated 13 Feb 1874 gave the land to be used forever as a burying ground, and for no other purpose.
The cemetery is located just east of Illinois Highway 41, south of Abingdon about 2-1/2 miles. It is off the road on top of a hill about 100 yards back from the highway. You can see the road from the cemetery, but you cannot see the cemetery from the road. There may be a better way, but I found it necessary to "climb fence" to get to the cemetery, over a 5' fence with double barbed wire on top. Most of the graves are located outside an iron fence which was in very good condition in March 1984. Inside the fence are some Boydstun graves and Dowdy graves, and an unmarked urn. Boydstun and Dawdy graves are also located outside the fence.
Some of the stones are constructed of black granite and look as they probably looked when new, even though many were knocked over or buried when I visited it in March 1984. The cemetery is ill kept, but signs of cleaning, such as cut trees and weedless fence, were noted.
ATTERBURY, Elizabeth H. Dawdy 12 Apr 1807-12 Jan 1847
AVERY, Richard, son of J. & D. 21 Jun 1863 3m 2d
AVERY, Sarah E. dau. of J.&D. 3 Nov 1859 2y 28d
BELL, John d. 9 Dec 1863 67y 10d
BELL, Margaret d. 29 Jul 1860 57y 11d
BOWER, Anthony d. 13 Mar 1861 62y 6m 9d
BOWER, Mary C. dau. of A.&M. d. 1 May 1861 16m 21d
BOYDSTUN, Asa Thomas 31 Aug 1838-26 Mar 1883 44y 6m 26d
BOYDSTON, Mrs. Emma (Emily Dawdy) 28 Jul 1841-10 Sep 1926 85y lm 12d
BOYDSTON, Everett 6 Oct 1900-5 Sep 1901
BOYDSTON, Isabelle Dawdy 17 Apr 1802-7 Mar 1868 65y 10m 19d w/o B.E.
BOYDSTON, John J. (D?) 4 Jun 1831-2 Sep 1882
BOYDSTON, Kate P. Morrison w/o T.M. 29 Oct 1860-8 Mar 1891 29y 4m 9d
BOYDSTON, (Mary) Jane (Dawdy) same stone w/John 22 Nov 1831-25 Jan 1915
BOYDSTON, Mary L. dau. of J.D. & M.J. 12y 5m lld (b. ea 1862)
BOYDSTON, Matilda dau. of B.C. & Eliza J. d:. 13 Nov 1864 5m 15d
BOYDSTON, Minnie B. dau. of J.D. & M.J. 23 Nov 1865 - 19 Sep 1869 4y 9m 26d
BOYDSTON, Thena Bell dau. of J.D. & M.J. 6 Oct 1858-12-Mar 1863
BOYDSTON, Thomas Jefferson 1871,(16 Nov 1868)-22 Jun 1934
BRADLEY, Martha wife of Jas. H. (no dates, stone broken off)
DARLING, John d. 30 Jul 1851(4?) 84y 6m (old stone)
DAWDY, inf. son of J. & T. (no dates)
DAWDY, Elizabeth w/o Howell 1810 b. 12 Apr 1807 d. 12 Jan 1847 40 y 3m
DAWDY, Malinda dau. of John & T. 8 Oct 1843-29 Jul 1860 (or 20 Jul 1860) 16y 9m 2d
DAWDY, John W. 22 Jul 1798-5 Feb 1875 76y 7m 14d
DAWDY, Tabitha Boydston w/o John 8 Jul 1809-2 Aug 1891 82y 25d
DICKERSON, inf. son of M. V. & N. R. b. 7 Jull885-3lJul 1885
EASTER, Emily w/o Benjamin d. 8 Nov 1851 (4?) 36y 25d
GOSSETT, Lydia dau. of T.J. & V. d. 7 Sep 1855
HARDY, inf. son of E. B. & Jennie 5 Jul 1380-15_Aug 1880
LANDIS, Lucinda M. (one list says "Melinda Boydstun, Sister") w/o F.G. Landis 1833-1898
McCORD inf. son of H. & J. d. 5 Jan 1858
MEEK, Nancy w/o Daniel d. 28 Jun 1844 (rest unreadable)
MEEK, Nancy Ann w/o R. P. d. 16 Jan 1863 19y 8m 14d
MULLIES, Ruth w/o Jesse d. Jan? Jul? 12 1860-37y 8m 11/14?d
RIGGS, Carrie w/o J. D. 19 Dec 1851-18 Jan 1877
RIGGS, Emily d. 29 May 1890 77y 10m 3d
RIGGS, inf. dau of J. D. & Carry d. 14 Jan 1877
RIGGS, inf. son of W. H. & E. D. 20 Nov 1844
RIGGS, Noel M. son of W. H. & E. D. 3 Oct 1862 19y 9m
RIGGS, William B. son of W. H. & E. D. 23 Aug 1862-24y lm (see note below)
RIGGS, Willis H. d. 11 Sep 1851 40y 10m 14d
ROE, Estella M. dau of M. E. & A. E. d. 21 Apr 1880 4y lm 25d
ROLLINS, George inf. son of Noah & Julie d. 10 Oct 1894
ROLLINS, Julie dau. of John & Eva 10 Jul 1889-19 Sep 1900
ROLLINS, Noah E. 23 Dec 1871-2 Sep 1896
KILLIAM, John b. 15 Feb 1813 d. 9 Aug 1897
KILLIAM, Mary Boydstun w/o John Killiam b. 27 Oct 1822 d. 18 Sep 1883
William B. Riggs was a Sergeant in the 14th Regiment, Company F, Illinois Volunteers and died at the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi.

Contributed by Margaret R. Bates.

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