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Taggart, Anna Lee ~ birth: 24 Jul 1883, father: Laughlin B. Taggart, mother: Sarah Nancey May
Tait, John Ebenezer ~ birth: 30 Jul 1885, father: William Alexander Tait, mother: Alice Blanche Crompton Tait
Tasker, Lewis Elmer ~ birth: 13 Apr 1882, father: William Tasker, mother: Eda Moore Tasker
Tate, Frank ~ birth: 24 Apr 1881, father: Ledohs F. Tate, mother: Flora A. T. Dingman Tate
Tate, John Thomas ~ birth: 16 Nov 1874, father: Thomas B. Tate, mother: Mary Booth
Taylor, Florence Mable ~ birth: 13 Sep 1880, father: Stephen Taylor, mother: Cmma J. Day Taylor
Taylor, James ~ birth: 12 Jul 1880, father: James M. Taylor, mother: Sarah Jane Davids
Taylor, Nesker ~ birth: 12 Aug 1879, father: Ross S. Taylor, mother: Enphema Jane Brock Taylor
Taylor, Raymond Arthur ~ birth: 11 Dec 1889, father: Arthur Taylor, mother: Elizabeth Richmond
Telford, Charles Surplus ~ birth: 15 Apr 1894, father: Alexander Newton Telford, mother: Mary Jane Linskey
Telford, Forest Charles ~ birth: 2 May 1892, father: Charles S. Telford, mother: Arnanda Swanson
Temple, Mary Elizabeth ~ birth: 5 Aug 1878, father: Franklin Thomas Temple, mother: Anna Nora Tobin
Terney, Lillian Frances ~ birth: 20 Aug 1882, father: Patrick James Terney, mother: Mary Lucy Cratty
Terry, Anlia ~ birth: 7 Apr 1880, father: William E. Terry, mother: Lucy Loomis
Terry, Melvin Thomas ~ birth: 7 Nov 1885, father: Thomas Mercer Terry, mother: Mary Elizabeth Smith Terry
Tewilegar, Alta Pancy ~ birth: 2 Oct 1880, father: Phil W. Tewilegar, mother: Rose C. Welch Tewilegar
Thiel, Arthur Reubin ~ birth: 27 Feb 1894, father: George Thiel, mother: Lily Almira Cochran
Thomas, Anna Mina ~ birth: 29 Feb 1884, father: Ephreim Ayers Thomas, mother: Emma Elizabeth Mccord
Thomas, Myrtle ~ birth: 21 May 1878, father: Ephraim Ayers Thomas, mother: Climena Blodjet Rice
Thompson, Charles Forest ~ birth: 8 Jul 1883, father: C. L. Thompson, mother: Clara Rockinfield Thompson
Thompson, Forrest Hale ~ birth: 4 Jun 1880, father: Leroy A. Thompson, mother: Amanda Pease
Thompson, Forrest Verne ~ birth: 24 Feb 1891, father: John Wesley Thompson, mother: Myrie J. Thompson
Thompson, Jennie ~ birth: 16 Sep 1881, father: Charles Thompson, mother: Cleny Rockenfield
Thorp, Lawrence Harrison ~ birth: 5 Sep 1866, father: Ambrose Alphenso Thorp, mother: Ann Maria Neely
Thors, Carrie Louisa ~ birth: 31 Aug 1881, father: E. L. Thorssen, mother: Hanna L. Peirson Thorssen
Thorsen, Earl Hilding ~ birth: 6 Sep 1889, father: Edward Ludwig Thorsen, mother: Hannah Deette Pierson
Thoureen, Agnes Otelia ~ birth: 8 May 1892, father: Charles Albin Thoureen, mother: Amanda Faust
Thoureen, Anna Regina ~ birth: 6 Nov 1890, father: Charles Albin Thoureen, mother: Amanda Faust
Thoureen, Elmer William ~ birth: 5 Sep 1886, father: Charles Albin Thoureen, mother: Amanda Faust
Thoureen, Signa Elizabeth ~ birth: 1 Sep 1888, father: Charles Albin Thoureen, mother: Amanda Faust
Thurman, Claud ~ birth: 3 Aug 1879, father: W. W. Thurman, mother: Sidvai Kinser
Thurman, Delia Blanch ~ birth: 15 May 1881, father: Isac Thurman, mother: Rachel R. Mcgrew Thurman
Thurman, Fredric ~ birth: 26 Dec 1880, father: John Allen Thurman, mother: Rebecca C. Condreay Thurman
Thurman, Katie ~ birth: 1880, father: Thomas Thurman, mother: Francis Thurman
Thurman, Lusa May ~ birth: 3 Nov 1887, father: William Manson Thurman, mother: Katie Burke Thurman
Thurman, Marietta ~ birth: 13 Jun 1879, father: Howard Thurman, mother: Martha Hoxworth Thurman
Thurman, Maud ~ birth: 11 Apr 1881, father: Peter Bausen Thurman, mother: Mary Elizabeth Harshberger Thurman
Thurman, Maud ~ birth: 3 Mar 1880, father: Nelson Thurman, mother: Eva Renze
Tierney, Mabel Rose ~ birth: 22 Aug 1884, father: P. J. Tierney, mother: Mary Cratty Tierney
Tift, Charles Campbell ~ birth: 24 Jun 1879, father: Hudson Tift, mother: Annie Adams
Tift, Charles Campbell ~ birth: 24 Jun 1879, father: Henry Hudson Tift, mother: Sarah Ann Adams
Tillman, Elija Emanuel Arthur ~ birth: 1880, father: Joel Tillman, mother: Phebe Eggers Tillman
Tillman, Salie Lucretia ~ birth: 1879, father: John Walpool Tillman, mother: Mary Ellen Eggers Tillman
Tobin, George ~ birth: 4 Apr 1885, father: Patrick Tobin, mother: Mary Mcgrough Tobin
Tobin, James Joseph ~ birth: 23 Mar 1881, father: Patrick Tobin, mother: Mary Tobin Tobin
Tobin, John William ~ birth: 29 May 1879, father: Patrick P. Tobin, mother: Mary Mcgrath Tobin
Tobin, Thomas Patrick ~ birth: 16 Oct 1876, father: Patrick J. Tobin, mother: Mary Mcgrath
Todd, Jennie ~ birth: 1 Jun 1872, father: Warfield Todd, mother: Euphemia Lafferty
Todd, Viola Agness ~ birth: 14 Oct 1894, father: Robert James Todd, mother: Agness Carr Todd
Toler, Ethelyn Martha ~ birth: 4 Dec 1893, father: John Carter Toler, mother: Eva Kost
Tompkins, Katharine Olive ~ birth: 13 Jan 1887, father: Henry M. Tompkins, mother: Katharine Leach Tompkins
Tompson, John Whie ~ birth: 10 Jul 1878, father: George Tompson, mother: Susan Charles Tompson
Tracy, Bessie Elizabeth ~ birth: 15 Feb 1880, father: Franklin Pierce Tracy, mother: Anna Mariah Bevans
Tracy, Charles Henry ~ birth: 22 Jul 1893, father: Frank P. Tracy, mother: Anna M. Bivins
Tracy, Franklin Martin ~ birth: 14 Oct 1890, father: Franklin Pierce Tracy, mother: Anna Maria Bevans
Tracy, Herman ~ birth: 26 Oct 1887, father: Frank Tracy, mother: Anna Maria Bevans Tracy
Tracy, James Clyde ~ birth: 14 Jun 1884, father: Franklin Tracy, mother: Anna Maria Bevans Tracy
Tracy, John Isaac ~ birth: 6 Feb 1876, father: Franklin Tracy, mother: Anna Bevans
Trask, Helen Salome ~ birth: 29 May 1892, father: Charles Hickock Trask, mother: Minnie Elizabeth King
Tregar, Oscar Aug ~ birth: 29 Nov 1869, father: Aug Ferdement Tregar, mother: Helena Shortlatt Nelson
Tridson, Cara May ~ birth: 3 Jul 1880, father: Frank Tridsan, mother: Rosa Gestruchen
Trostle, Mary Eva ~ birth: 27 Jul 1892, father: Harry Minter Trostle, mother: Anna Mathilda Norquist
Trout, Anna Leah ~ birth: 13 Aug 1887, father: Charles Leander Trout, mother: Evelyn Levane Crow
Trout, Archie Cecil ~ birth: 21 Mar 1893, father: Charles Lee Trout, mother: Evelyn Crowe
Trout, Frederick R ~ birth: 20 Jan 1880, father: Samuel H. Trout, mother: Virginia Byrd Lutz
Trovellio, Bessie ~ birth: 22 Jun 1882, father: William Vandernoort Trovillio, mother: Miriam Swarts Trovillio
Troville, Leroy James ~ birth: 8 Aug 1882, father: Leroy James Troville, mother: Lacie A. Troville
Trovillo, Leroy J ~ birth: 8 Aug 1882, father: Frank H. Trovillo, mother: Lacia A. Pence Trovillo
Trovillo, Mina Fay ~ birth: 1 Oct 1886, father: Frank H. Trovillo, mother: Lacia A. Pence Trovillo
Trulsan, Arthur Frank ~ birth: 23 Jun 1881, father: Frank Trulsan, mother: Rose Geatreisker Trulsan
Trulson, Bertha Emma ~ birth: 23 Nov 1882, father: Frank Trulson, mother: Rosa Oestreicher Trulson
Trulson, Emma Elizabeth ~ birth: 7 Aug 1880, father: John F. Trulson, mother: Minnie Larson Trulson
Trulson, Frank Samuel ~ birth: 21 May 1882, father: John Trulson, mother: Minnie Lawson Trulson
Trulson, Mary ~ birth: 3 Jun 1894, father: Andrew Trulson, mother: Sarah Trulson
Trumbull, Ethel B ~ birth: 1 Jun 1888, father: Clayton Johnathan Trumbull, mother: Mary Belle Bond
Trumbull, Ross Jessie ~ birth: 11 May 1884, father: Alvin Wait Trumbull, mother: Rilda Carolina Mcintire Trumbull
Tucker, Chanby Page ~ birth: 7 Feb 1887, father: Vinton Orwell Tucker, mother: Manda E. Welton Tucker
Tucker, Clarence ~ birth: 18 Jul 1883, father: Henry Clay Tucker, mother: Henrietta Earl Tucker
Tucker, Dona Mae ~ birth: 29 Sep 1893, father: John Allen Tucker, mother: Lilly Cora Love
Tucker, Harley Ray ~ birth: 9 Jul 1893, father: Samuel Butler Tucker, mother: Eliza Jane Dossett
Tucker, Leto Jane ~ birth: 8 Jul 1879, father: John Allen Tucker, mother: Lilly Cora Love
Tucker, Lilly Mabel ~ birth: 25 Jan 1887, father: John Allen Tucker, mother: Lilly Cora Love
Tucker, Myrtle Alberta ~ birth: 8 Aug 1885, father: John Allen Tucker, mother: Lilly Cora Love
Tucker, Sam ~ birth: 13 Mar 1879, father: Josia Tucker, mother: Nancy C. Adkins
Tucker, Seth Clay ~ birth: 8 Oct 1876, father: John Allen Tucker, mother: Lilly Cora Love
Tuckey, Everett Newton ~ birth: 10 Aug 1886, father: Jacob Tuckey, mother: Flora Pemble Tuckey
Tullsen, Nina V ~ birth: 26 Jul 1883, father: Peter Tullsen, mother: Ingar Torkelson
Tunnidiff, Sara ~ birth: 22 Jul 1883, father: John C. Tunnidiff, mother: Laura Hunter Tunnidiff
Turner, Clifford Levi ~ birth: 13 Jul 1892, father: Israel Levi Turner, mother: Pauline Slutz
Turner, Nora Lucinda ~ birth: 31 Jan 1885, father: Hamilton James Turner, mother: Anna Rebecca Grim
Turney, Ozro W ~ birth: 7 Oct 1877, father: Leroy Turney, mother: Mary A. Wogomon
Twyman, Charles William ~ birth: 15 Jun 1893, father: Calvin Robert Twyman, mother: Menona B. Brankam
Tyler, Cary May ~ birth: 28 Jun 1879, father: Arthur Newton Tyler, mother: Mary Ellen Evans Tyler
Tymin, Rose ~ birth: 7 Nov 1878, father: Thomas Tymin, mother: Rose Mcey Tymin
Tynan, Rosena Lena ~ birth: 7 Nov 1877, father: Thomas Tynan, mother: Rosenna Smith

Compiled 23 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch's Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940, collection. Much more about these births can be found at the website.

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