Births - P

Padfield, James ~ birth: 6 Nov 1883, father: James Padfield, mother: Josie Nelson Padfield
Page, Edith ~ birth: 8 Jan 1887, father: John S. Page, mother: Melvina Tarpley Page
Page, Elizabeth ~ birth: 17 Dec 1877, father: Daniel Thomas Page, mother: Sarah Stegall
Painter, Earl Allen ~ birth: 1 Aug 1890, father: David Austin Painter, mother: Rachel Emily Thurman
Painter, Jessie Linn ~ birth: 8 Feb 1887, father: David Oslin Painter, mother: Rachel Emma Thurman Painter
Painter, Olive ~ birth: 29 Jul 1884, father: David A. Painter, mother: Rachell Thurman
Palm, Auther William ~ birth: 3 Mar 1880, father: William Palm, mother: Christina Martin
Palm, Emil ~ birth: 11 Dec 1879, father: P. G. Palm, mother: Betsey Zaar
Palmer, Mary Grace ~ birth: 31 Jul 1882, father: George William Palmer, mother: Harriet Medora Levalley Palmer
Palmer, Rose Sofi ~ birth: 21 Nov 1882, father: A.W. Palmer, mother: Christina Martin Palmer
Palmgren, Irene Hilda ~ birth: 8 Feb 1892, father: John Magnus Palmgren, mother: Amanda Louise Dyke
Palmgren, Walter David ~ birth: 11 Nov 1894, father: John Magnus Palmgren, mother: Amanda Louise Dyke
Palmquist, Arthur George ~ birth: 3 Dec 1889, father: Alfred Palmquist, mother: Hedda Marie Anderson
Palmquist, Ernest Hilmer ~ birth: 31 Aug 1887, father: Alfred Palmquist, mother: Hedda Marie Anderson
Palmquist, Nancy Helen ~ birth: 22 May 1891, father: Frank G. Palmquist, mother: Gustava Sopphia Johnson
Parker, Carl Stuart ~ birth: 24 May 1894, father: Arthur Lapham Parker, mother: Laura Armstrong
Parker, Isabelle Ruth ~ birth: 29 Nov 1891, father: George Washington Parker, mother: Love Emma Lapham
Parker, John Walter ~ birth: 23 Aug 1880, father: William H. Parker, mother: Lettie Anderson
Parker, Lulu May ~ birth: 6 Mar 1878, father: Joseph Tyler Parker, mother: Elizabeth Jane Baldwin
Parker, Nellie Alice ~ birth: 2 May 1880, father: Robert Stewart Parker, mother: Emma Almira Vail
Parkins, Guy ~ birth: 6 Aug 1892, father: Stanford T. Parkins, mother: Hattie Dalton
Parkins, Hazel Dorcas ~ birth: 19 Nov 1886, father: Harvey Parkins, mother: Anna Butt Parkins
Parkins, Katie M ~ birth: 8 Jan 1882, father: James Harvey Parkins, mother: Anna Butt Parkins
Parkins, Mary Elva ~ birth: 19 Dec 1874, father: Henry Franklin Parkins, mother: Mary Ann Adams
Parkins, Norah May ~ birth: 20 Dec 1872, father: Henry Franklin Parkins, mother: Mary Ann Adams
Parmenter, Henry Allen ~ birth: 8 Jul 1882, father: Allen Marc Parmenter, mother: Cathrin Elithabet Rosenburg Parmenter
Parnham, Floyd ~ birth: 22 Sep 1887, father: Birt Parnham, mother: Anna Bowman
Parsell, Anna Bell ~ birth: 30 Apr 1878, father: William Rolden Parsell, mother: Caroline Dixon
Parsell, Lillian Lona ~ birth: 24 Aug 1891, father: Harlan Benson Parsell, mother: Lois May Ennis
Parsell, William Rolden ~ birth: 14 Mar 1893, father: Harlan Benson Parsell, mother: Lois May Ennis
Parsons, Albert ~ birth: 15 Oct 1883, father: Benjamin Parsons, mother: Sarah Bandy Parsons
Paterson, Edith Mary ~ birth: 22 Jan 1879, father: Robert Paterson, mother: Carrie Wildey Paterson
Paton, Mabel ~ birth: 27 Jun 1885, father: Orlando Paton, mother: Martha J. Young Paton
Patterson, Harrison Samuel ~ birth: 20 May 1888, father: Samuel R. Patterson, mother: Melvina Clesson
Patterson, Roy Albert ~ birth: 23 Mar 1889, father: Harvey Delbert Patterson, mother: May Theresa Thomas
Patton, James M ~ birth: 2 Dec 1880, father: John J. Patton, mother: Clarrissa Taylor Patton
Patton, Samuel Newton ~ birth: 21 Jun 1892, father: Hugh Thomas Patton, mother: Catherine Johnson
Paulson, Clarence Leonard ~ birth: 11 Sep 1882, father: N.P. Paulson, mother: Anna Lina Paulson
Paulson, Luries ~ birth: 24 Aug 1884, father: Petter Paulson, mother: Bettsi Svenson
Pearce, Redman Rex Bruce ~ birth: 6 Dec 1893, father: William Adam Pearce, mother: Virginia D. Hall
Pearson, Esther Elizabeth ~ birth: 18 Apr 1891, father: Swan Pearson, mother: Cecilia Zaar
Pease, Claude Mervin ~ birth: 14 Apr 1879, father: Albert Wallace Pease, mother: Laura Gillette
Peck, Ida M ~ birth: 23 Jul 1882, father: Manford Peck, mother: Ema Chrogins Peck
Peck, Jesse Robertson ~ birth: 15 Jul 1890, father: John Wesley Peck, mother: Nellie Swingle
Penn, John Henry ~ birth: 18 Dec 1878, father: Charles B. Penn, mother: Ella Engle Penn
Pennington, Ieyal Ann ~ birth: 1 Nov 1883, father: James Johnson Pennington, mother: Emmeline Elizabeth German Pennington
Peose, Geo ~ birth: 13 Apr 1879, father: Albert A. Peose, mother: Laura Gillett Peose
Perkins, Harry ~ birth: 24 Jul 1881, father: James S. Perkins, mother: Jessie Josephine Thomas Perkins
Peters, John J ~ birth: 30 Aug 1887, father: Milton Peters, mother: Maria Washington Peters
Peters, John Joseph ~ birth: 22 Aug 1887, father: Newton Jacper Peters, mother: Maria Washington Peters
Peterson, Agnes Emelia ~ birth: 5 Aug 1893, father: Oscar Emil Peterson, mother: Avilda Nelson
Peterson, Albert Paul ~ birth: 1 Apr 1872, father: Nels Peterson, mother: Jenny Nelson
Peterson, Alfred ~ birth: 14 Mar 1870, father: John Peter Peterson, mother: Johanna Eskilson
Peterson, Alvin Arthur ~ birth: 4 Sep 1888, father: Peter H. Peterson, mother: Elna Davidson
Peterson, Anna Florence ~ birth: 27 Feb 1892, father: John Peter Peterson, mother: Erika Charlotte Peterson
Peterson, Anna Olive ~ birth: 28 May 1888, father: John Peter Peterson, mother: Elizabeth Wilmont
Peterson, Annah Amelia ~ birth: 1 Feb 1882, father: A. P. Peterson, mother: Emma Pisrson Peterson
Peterson, Arthur William ~ birth: 8 Jun 1877, father: Benjamin G. Peterson, mother: Betsy Peterson
Peterson, Berndt Oscar ~ birth: 1 Jul 1875, father: Nels Peterson, mother: Jenny Nelson
Peterson, Carrie Secerlia ~ birth: 19 Aug 1880, father: John Petterson, mother: Clara Johnson Petterson
Peterson, Christina Lovesa ~ birth: 27 Jul 1882, father: Frans Justaf Peterson, mother: Emma Christina Peterson
Peterson, Clara ~ birth: 28 Dec 1880, father: Olaf Peterson, mother: Jennie Mallery Peterson
Peterson, Clarence Julius ~ birth: 14 Sep 1886, father: Gust Peterson, mother: Anna Nashend
Peterson, Edna Mae ~ birth: 21 Oct 1889, father: Fritz R. Peterson, mother: Amanda G. Swanson
Peterson, Elizabeth Orailla ~ birth: 27 Feb 1878, father: Olaf Peterson, mother: Jenny Maley
Peterson, Elna Catherine Viola ~ birth: 11 Nov 1887, father: Olof William Peterson, mother: Margaret Johnson
Peterson, Emeli Amanda ~ birth: 13 Jan 1880, father: John Peter Peterson, mother: Erica Charlotts Carlson
Peterson, Esther Victoria ~ birth: 27 Nov 1889, father: Alfred Peterson, mother: Mathilda Palmquist
Peterson, Frances Estella ~ birth: 31 Dec 1890, father: Charles M. Peterson, mother: Charlotte Ann Taylor
Peterson, George Edward ~ birth: 5 Jan 1882, father: John Peterson, mother: Annie Headstrom Peterson
Peterson, Harriet Malinda ~ birth: 5 Sep 1881, father: John J. Peterson, mother: Hannah Christina Swanson Peterson
Peterson, Hulda ~ birth: 11 Feb 1885, father: Andrew Peterson, mother: Sarah Peterson Peterson
Peterson, Jennie Elizabeth ~ birth: 26 Aug 1891, father: Alfred Peterson, mother: Mthilda Palmquist
Peterson, John Franklin ~ birth: 22 Jun 1891, father: John Peter Peterson, mother: Elizabeth Wilmont
Peterson, Johnathan L ~ birth: 22 Sep 1878, father: John Peterson, mother: Mary A. Thompson Peterson
Peterson, Mabelle Arvella ~ birth: 20 Jun 1885, father: Aug J. Peterson, mother: Caroline Johnson
Peterson, Martha Luella ~ birth: 9 Feb 1879, father: Felix Harper Peterson, mother: Emma Jane Reynolds Peterson
Peterson, Myrtle E ~ birth: 25 Sep 1884, father: Charles A. Peterson, mother: Jennie Burgland
Peterson, Nellie Lavina ~ birth: 18 Jun 1878, father: John P. Peterson, mother: Martha Johnson
Peterson, Nels Leonard ~ birth: 18 Mar 1880, father: Nels Peterson, mother: Jenny Nelson
Petterson, Agnes Johannah Victoria ~ birth: 26 Sep 1878, father: Jonas Petterson, mother: Agusta Larson Petterson
Petterson, Aster Kanstans ~ birth: 28 Feb 1885, father: Willhelm Petterson, mother: Elsa Janson Petterson
Petterson, Carl Pehlip ~ birth: 12 May 1883, father: Carly Petterson, mother: Emle Swan Petterson
Petterson, Clara Kandina ~ birth: 20 Nov 1882, father: Peter Petterson, mother: Anna Maria Anderson Petterson
Petterson, Karl Elmer ~ birth: 23 Feb 1884, father: Abel Petterson, mother: Emma Johanson Petterson
Petterson, Mebell Madora ~ birth: 9 Jul 1880, father: Johan S. Petterson, mother: Anna Hedstrom
Pettersson, Hilma Charlotta ~ birth: 11 Oct 1879, father: Frits Rudolf Pettersson, mother: Amanda Svenson
Pfender, James Oliver ~ birth: 31 Oct 1891, father: John Pfender, mother: Minnie Walters
Phares, Leroy Wiley ~ birth: 1 Apr 1885, father: Granderson Robbins Phares, mother: Sarah Margaret Wiley
Phelps, Leonard Aaron ~ birth: 12 Dec 1879, father: Alfred Aaron Phelps, mother: Addie Mary Cable
Phillips, Delia ~ birth: 19 Nov 1879, father: Cha. Patrick Phillips, mother: Kate Morley
Phillips, George Hamilton ~ birth: 30 Sep 1878, father: William H. Phillips, mother: Mary Merrick Thomson Phillips
Phillips, Inez ~ birth: 7 Jul 1885, father: Edward Phillips, mother: Mary Burns Phillips
Phillips, Wm Henry ~ birth: 17 Sep 1880, father: Wm. Henry Phillips, mother: Mary M. Thomson
Phillis, Cora ~ birth: 22 Apr 1884, father: George Ewing Phillis, mother: Maggie Ann Grier
Phinister, Delia Duana ~ birth: 29 Dec 1878, father: John Phinister, mother: Delia May Phinister
Pickering, Estella Irena ~ birth: 2 May 1880, father: Milton Pickering, mother: Rebecca Cambell
Pickrel, Anna Mae ~ birth: 3 May 1885, father: Richard H. Pickrel, mother: Martha Jane Richardson
Pierce, Ellen Viola ~ birth: 10 Nov 1871, father: Darius Austin Pierce, mother: Sylvia Maria Caldwell
Pierce, Julian Clayton ~ birth: 29 Aug 1856, father: Albert Pierce, mother: Eunice Hale
Pierce, William Austin ~ birth: 17 Jan 1878, father: Darius Austin Pierce, mother: Sylvia Maria Caldwell
Pierson, Pauline Mildred ~ birth: 27 Aug 1893, father: Peter Charles Pierson, mother: Lena Wahlburg
Piester, Jacob ~ birth: 6 Nov 1878, father: Jacob Piester, mother: Cornelia Mcelrea Piester
Pigsley, Iva Myrtal ~ birth: 22 Mar 1880, father: Prince W. Pigsley, mother: Jerusha Roe
Pinegar, Clarence ~ birth: 24 Mar 1894, father: L. A. Pinegar, mother: Lilly Davis
Pitman, Edith Mabel ~ birth: 20 Feb 1881, father: Winfield Scott Pitman, mother: Ella Spickard Pitman
Pitman, Imagene ~ birth: 20 Mar 1884, father: Benjamin Franklin Pitman, mother: Alice Patterson Pitman
Pittman, Bessie B ~ birth: 24 Oct 1872, father: Benjamine F. Pittman, mother: Alice Patterson
Pittman, Norma Jean ~ birth: 20 Mar 1884, father: Benjamin F. Pittman, mother: Alice V. Patterson
Pittman, Vesper ~ birth: 31 May 1887, father: Benj. Franklin Pittman, mother: Alice A. Patterson
Plym, Mary Iva ~ birth: 24 May 1888, father: Jonas Plym, mother: Martha Hanson
Poff, Gracie ~ birth: 23 May 1879, father: John Shannon Porr, mother: Delana Van Beusen Poff
Pool, Marvin Edgar ~ birth: 28 Feb 1892, father: George Emmerson Pool, mother: Sarah Elizabeth Letheo
Porglis, Jesse Edward ~ birth: 5 Oct 1880, father: John Porglis, mother: Mary Jane Scott Porglis
Porter, Laura Myrtle ~ birth: 20 Apr 1881, father: Hiram R. Porter, mother: Sarah Frances Annis
Porter, Loren Arthur ~ birth: 24 Mar 1884, father: Hiram Rice Porter, mother: Sarah Francis Annis
Post, Orville Aurclian ~ birth: 25 Nov 1885, father: Edmund Hurlburt Post, mother: Elen Victoria Auga Andrews
Potter, George Olin ~ birth: 14 Dec 1888, father: George Washington Potter, mother: Luna Jane Jackson
Potter, Hubbell Herman ~ birth: 12 Sep 1879, father: Leander Hubbell Potter, mother: Martha Irwin Potter
Potter, Sida Garnett ~ birth: 7 Oct 1886, father: Anson S. Potter, mother: Manda E. Housh Potter
Powell, Leota ~ birth: 15 Aug 1894, father: E. C. Powell, mother: Adelaide Spaulding Powell
Pragg, Ellen Matilda ~ birth: 9 Mar 1887, father: Chas. Gust Pragg, mother: Clara Matilda Johnson Pragg
Prater, Alonzo ~ birth: 17 Jan 1868, father: William Prater, mother: Mary Smith
Pratt, Eliza A ~ birth: 1 Jan 1884, father: James A. Pratt, Jr., mother: Emma B. Bowen Pratt
Prentiss, Costney Clifford ~ birth: 30 Sep 1883, father: Mortimer Trimbley Prentiss, mother: Marget Cardine Cooney Prentiss
Prentiss, Nora May ~ birth: 21 Mar 1881, father: Martimer T. Prentiss, mother: Marget C. Cooney Prentiss
Preston, Clarence ~ birth: 8 Jun 1881, father: Clarence Preston, mother: Maggie Elizabeth Potts Preston
Preston, Martha Ethel ~ birth: 28 Aug 1882, mother: Elinor Preston
Price, Ralph F ~ birth: 18 Apr 1894, father: Ira Lineous Price, mother: Mary Ellen Planck
Prim, Aug Adoloph ~ birth: 20 Mar 1890, father: Aug Prim, mother: Christine Mangnuson
Prim, Eva Olrica ~ birth: 17 Oct 1888, father: Aug Prim, mother: Christine Manguson
Prim, Marie Hilma ~ birth: 26 Feb 1892, father: Aug Prim, mother: Christian Mangnuson
Purdum, Charles Wilson ~ birth: 1 Sep 1871, father: Elijah Festus Purdum, mother: Caroline Elizabeth Swan
Purdy, Lewis Marcus ~ birth: 5 May 1876, father: Allen Rodliff Purdy, mother: Ina Alton
Putnam, Nellie ~ birth: 4 Apr 1882, father: Wm. Putnam, mother: Everetty Bridge Putnam

Compiled 23 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch's Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940, collection. Much more about these births can be found at the website.

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