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Narler, Myertel A ~ birth: 9 Mar 1885, father: Willis W. Narler, mother: Martha E. White Narler
Neely, Cora Engeline ~ birth: 11 Jan 1882, father: Charles Robinson Neely, mother: Mary Julina Delong
Neifert, Ira Edward ~ birth: 21 Jun 1891, father: Edward Neifert, mother: Caroline Catherine Hechler
Neil, George Forrest ~ birth: 11 Sep 1888, father: George Neil, mother: Letitia C. Temple
Neilson, Charlie Robert ~ birth: 4 Dec 1878, father: Nils Neilson, mother: Rosa Drier
Nelson, Amelia Christine ~ birth: 19 Jun 1883, father: N. P. Nelson, mother: Christine Marie Hanson Nelson
Nelson, Anna Amelia ~ birth: 16 May 1893, father: Olof Nelson, mother: Hannah Anderson Nelson
Nelson, Anna Wilamnia ~ birth: 13 Nov 1878, father: Sanders Nelson, mother: Mary Carlson
Nelson, Blinda Hortense ~ birth: 1 Sep 1892, father: Ofof Nelson, mother: Sigred Bennett Nelson
Nelson, Carl William ~ birth: 31 Mar 1893, father: Charley Nelson, mother: Sophia Oklen
Nelson, Carolina Mathilda ~ birth: 9 Jul 1871, father: Charles M. Nelson, mother: Hannah Caroline Jacobson
Nelson, Cassie ~ birth: 27 Oct 1886, father: George Walker Nelson, mother: Lnay Cole Culter Nelson
Nelson, Charles Oscar ~ birth: 5 May 1878, father: John E. Nelson, mother: Ida S. Nelson
Nelson, Clara Nancy ~ birth: 25 Jun 1887, father: Andrew James Nelson, mother: Ellen Anderson
Nelson, Clarence ~ birth: 4 Dec 1882, father: William O. Nelson, mother: Hellen Modine Nelson
Nelson, Earl Otis ~ birth: 8 May 1891, father: Nels Peter Nelson, mother: Anna Charlotte Peterson
Nelson, Edith Valena ~ birth: 17 Jul 1887, father: Nels Peter Nelson, mother: Anna Charlotte Peterson
Nelson, Edna Amalia ~ birth: 13 Jun 1882, father: Peter P. Nelson, mother: Hannah Nelson Nelson
Nelson, Edward Henry ~ birth: 27 Oct 1875, father: John Nelson, mother: Alice Peterson
Nelson, Elmer Josiah ~ birth: 11 Mar 1886, father: Harry Mead Nelson, mother: Emma Eleanor Tucker
Nelson, Emma ~ birth: 29 Jun 1878, father: John Nelson, mother: Alice Peterson
Nelson, George Phillip ~ birth: 8 Feb 1886, father: Peter P. Nelson, mother: Hannah Nelson Nelson
Nelson, Gilbert Ephrun ~ birth: 2 Dec 1893, father: John T. Nelson, mother: Rose Anna Saunders
Nelson, Gust Arthur ~ birth: 5 Nov 1893, father: Peter Nelson, mother: Tillie Johnson
Nelson, Harry Owen ~ birth: 18 May 1889, father: Nels Peter Nelson, mother: Anna Charlotte Peterson
Nelson, Hester Caroline ~ birth: 2 May 1878, mother: Hilda Nelson
Nelson, James Abraham ~ birth: 22 Sep 1887, father: Oliver Persy Nelson, mother: Elizabeth Jane Oberholzer Nelson
Nelson, John ~ birth: 22 Mar 1879, father: Henry Nelson, mother: Fredrika Frid Nelson
Nelson, John Albin ~ birth: 25 Dec 1884, father: George M. Nelson, mother: Sophia Peterson
Nelson, John Clifford ~ birth: 25 Sep 1890, father: John Johan Nelson, mother: Anna Bell Robinson
Nelson, John William ~ birth: 27 Feb 1880, father: Nels Nelson, mother: Mathilda Peterson
Nelson, Joseph Josiah ~ birth: 6 Nov 1875, father: Oliver P. Nelson, mother: Elizabeth Oberholtzer
Nelson, Josephine ~ birth: 26 Feb 1879, father: Charles Victor Nelson, mother: Amanda Malatia Carlson
Nelson, Judith ~ birth: 4 Mar 1880, father: H. E. Nelson, mother: Marie Martin Hanson
Nelson, Lee FO ~ birth: 11 Oct 1887, father: Nels A. Nelson, mother: Florence L. Earel
Nelson, Lloyd Leslie ~ birth: 8 Sep 1880, father: Oliver Nelson, mother: Elizabeth Oberholtzer Nelson
Nelson, Louisa Jane ~ birth: 7 Sep 1883, father: Oliver Perry Nelson, mother: Elizabeth Jane Oberholster Nelson
Nelson, Mabel Eleanore ~ birth: 21 May 1890, father: Andrew F. Nelson, mother: Rosa Bloomgren
Nelson, Mary Margaret ~ birth: 15 Feb 1879, father: George Walker Nelson, mother: Lucy C. Cole Nelson
Nelson, Morris Wade ~ birth: 16 Jul 1885, father: Nels P. Nelson, mother: Anna Charlotte Peterson
Nelson, Myrtle Alvira ~ birth: 29 Jan 1893, father: Jno P. Nelson, mother: Mary E. Nelson
Nelson, Nellie Margaret ~ birth: 1 Mar 1878, father: Oliver Perry Nelson, mother: Elizabeth Jane Oberholtzer
Nelson, Nettie Ann ~ birth: 26 Oct 1885, father: Oliver Perry Nelson, mother: Elizabeth Jane Oberholtz Nelson
Nelson, Oliver Phillis ~ birth: 24 May 1893, father: Frank Nelson, mother: Johanna Jacobson
Nelson, Raymond ~ birth: 7 Jul 1891, father: Harry Mead Nelson, mother: Emma Eleanor Tucker
Nelson, Roy Eugene ~ birth: 6 Apr 1887, father: John Nelson, mother: Bessie Holt
Nelson, Ruth L ~ birth: 16 Jun 1898, father: Oscar Nelson, mother: Anna Lanstrom
Nelson, Stella ~ birth: 6 Apr 1878, father: Swan P. Nelson, mother: Angeline Smith
Nelson, Tannie Nathaniel ~ birth: 21 Jul 1877, father: Olof Nelson, mother: Helena Carlson
Nelson, Teresa ~ birth: 14 Apr 1889, father: John Leonard Nelson, mother: Auga Virginia Larson
Nelson, Will Earel ~ birth: 31 Aug 1885, father: N. A. Nelson, mother: Florence J. Earel
Neumann, Victor Bruno ~ birth: 21 Sep 1885, father: Frederick Albert Neumann, mother: Selma Leisagang
Nevius, John Wilson ~ birth: 7 Aug 1879, father: Wilbur Fisk Nevius, mother: Frances Ellen Richardson
Newberg, John Albert ~ birth: 15 Feb 1882, father: John Newberg, mother: Anna Johnson Newberg
Newcomer, Stewart William ~ birth: 3 Feb 1879, father: Joseph Godden Newcomer, mother: Mary Ann Henderson
Newell, Katie Blanch ~ birth: 27 Nov 1881, father: Wm. H. Newell, mother: Salina Meek Newell
Newlin, Mary ~ birth: 31 Mar 1893, father: John S. Newlin, mother: Kizial Hunter
Newlin, Ruby ~ birth: 10 Mar 1892, father: John S. Newlin, mother: Kizial Hunter
Nicholl, James, Jr ~ birth: 28 Jul 1873, father: James Nicholl, mother: Margaret Picken Nicholl
Nichols, Albert Orlando ~ birth: 9 Jan 1882, father: Orin L. Nichols, mother: Mary Murphy Nichols
Nicholson, Elizabeth Ann ~ birth: 30 Dec 1892, father: William Nicholson, mother: Alice Dodds
Nillson, Amanda ~ birth: 20 Jan 1887, father: Carly Nillson, mother: Thelma Christina Pullin Nillson
Nillson, Carl Willhelm ~ birth: 8 Aug 1883, mother: Ida Christina Nillson
Nillson, Jenny ~ birth: 27 Apr 1884, father: Gust Nillson, mother: Maria Berinson Nillson
Nillson, Julia ~ birth: 23 Mar 1887, father: John Nillson, mother: Carolina Mathillda Staff Nillson
Nillson, Larine Yunieta ~ birth: 11 Sep 1886, father: C. A. Nillson, mother: Katt Pitterson Nillson
Nilson, Elizabeth ~ birth: 2 Jun 1879, father: Charles F. Nilson, mother: Emma Mathilda Anderson
Nilson, Emelia Christina ~ birth: 15 May 1879, father: A.B. Nilson, mother: Johannah Nilson
Nixon, Clyde L ~ birth: 3 Nov 1886, father: James Harlan Nixon, mother: Rebecca Petticourt
Nodeen, Clarence Theorder ~ birth: 29 Dec 1881, father: Louis Nodeen, mother: Christina Anderson
Nodeen, Emma Louisa ~ birth: 25 Sep 1884, father: Louis Nodeen, mother: Christina Anderson
Nodeen, Julia May ~ birth: 3 Dec 1891, father: Louis Nodeen, mother: Christina Anderson
Nodeen, Sophia Lovina ~ birth: 8 Aug 1888, father: Lewis Nodeen, mother: Christina Anderson
Nodine, Clara Delia ~ birth: 18 Oct 1880, father: Lewis Nodine, mother: Christine Anderson Nodine
Nordgreen, Lilly Eleda ~ birth: 20 Mar 1883inois, father: Peter Nordgreen, mother: Ingri Peterson Nordgreen
Nordlind, Margaret Louise ~ birth: 9 Aug 1893, father: Andrew Robert Nordlind, mother: Cora Elizabeth Barringer
Normandin, Robert Edward ~ birth: 9 Sep 1879, father: George Edward Normandin, mother: Hattie Jane Kirk Normanda
Norquist, Elmer Charles ~ birth: 18 Mar 1892, father: Gustaf F. Norquist, mother: Christine Norquist
Norquist, William Albert ~ birth: 21 Dec 1886, father: Swan Norquist, mother: Mary Peterson
Norrbom, Carl August Immanuel ~ birth: 17 Dec 1889, father: Aug Norrbom, mother: Emma Ahlgren
Norris, John William ~ birth: 6 Apr 1889, father: Samuel Franklin Norris, mother: Nellie Marie Robinson
Norris, Mary Estella ~ birth: 26 Feb 1887, father: Frank Norris, mother: Nellie Maria Robinson Norris
Norris, Pearl ~ birth: 25 Dec 1883, father: Franklin Norris, mother: Nellie M. Robinson
North, Harrold Edward ~ birth: 25 Jul 1884, father: Charles David North, mother: Mary Nicholson North
Norton, William ~ birth: 4 Jun 1879, father: Mathew Norton, mother: Mary Coffey
Norvill, Anna ~ birth: 26 Jun 1882, father: Cornelas Norvill, mother: Angie Groom Norvill
Norvill, Charles F ~ birth: 12 Nov 1879, father: C.W. Norvill, mother: Angie H. Groome
Norwall, Josefina Elisabett ~ birth: 19 Nov 1882, father: C.A. Norwall, mother: Johanna Hiller Norwall
Nugent, Joseph James ~ birth: 28 Apr 1862, father: Andrew Nugent, mother: Bridget Burke
Nunimaker, Lewa Blanch ~ birth: 25 Feb 1882, father: Hiram Nunimaker, mother: Elizabeth Dusset Nunimaker
Nybladh, Carl Oscar ~ birth: 25 Jun 1892, father: Carl A. Nybladh, mother: Josephine C. Norene
Nyquisst, Johana Almedea ~ birth: 25 Sep 1880, father: Andrew Nyquist, mother: Josie Walgreen
Nystrom, Julia Sophia ~ birth: 28 Jul 1880, father: M. A. Nystrom, mother: Sara Sophia Carlson Nystrom
Nystrom, Minnie Almeda ~ birth: 16 Jan 1885, father: Sexton William Nystrom, mother: Mathilda Johnson

Compiled 23 Feb 2017 by Norma Hass from FamilySearch's Illinois Births and Christenings, 1824-1940, collection. Much more about these births can be found at the website.

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