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Recreation Areas

1910co~1.jpg (110607 bytes)"Knox County Fair Grounds, Knoxville, Ill." postcard postmarked 1910.  [Contributed by Jim Ferris.]

Knoxville Public Square (30783 bytes)"South Side Public Square, Knoxville, Ill." postcard from about 1910.  [Contributed by Todd Walter.]

central park part 1.jpg (24294 bytes)central park part 2.jpg (24748 bytes)"Central Park" pictures taken from booklet titled Twelfth Annual Excursion Galesburg Merchants' Association June 25th, 1903.  These pictures were taken from Main Street, just west of Central Park.  The picture on the left is looking northeast toward the Union Hotel.  The picture on the right is looking southeast toward the Central Congregational Church.  [Picture contributed by Cindy Lowe.]

standish_park.jpg (132894 bytes)"View of Standish Park, Galesburg, Ill." postcard postmarked 1912.  Standish Park lies just west of the Knox County Courthouse grounds.  It is named for Dr. John Van Ness Standish (1825-1919), a long-time Lombard College professor and arborist who was influential in planting the park.  [Contributed by Jerry Buckman.]

Lake George and Soangetaha County Club.

Soangetaha Club House (73217 bytes)"Soangetaha Club House, Galesburg, Ill." postcard postmarked July 7, 1911.  [Contributed by Bob Miller.]

Soangetaha Club House ca1915 (26977 bytes)"Soangetaha Club, Galesburg, Ill." postcard from ca 1915.  [Contributed by Cindy Lowe.]

Taken from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County, Munsell Publishing Company, 1899, page 626 - "Lake George.  This attractive body of water lies about two miles east of Galesburg, and the first house upon its banks was built about fifteen years ago by George W. Brown.  It is three-fourths of a mile long with a width of from ten to thirty rods.  It is fed by springs and its greatest depth is about twenty feet.  A driveway runs around it, and there is a pleasant park here.  A little steamer carries passengers on it, and row boats are kept for hire.  There is also a natatorium, and the street cars from Galesburg run close by.  It is a favorite resort for Galesburgers.  Soangetaha, the society club of Galesburg, has its house, open only to members, on the northwest side of the lake, and the clubhouse has been the rendezvous for most delightful picnic and dancing parties."  Lake George was later renamed Lake Rice.

Taken from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County, Munsell Publishing Company, 1899, page 704 - "The Soangetaha Club.  Organized July 8, 1895, with eight charter members.  Present membership, one hundred and ninety.  Purpose, mental and social enjoyment.  Organization has a club house at Lake George, east of city.  First officers: President, E. S. Gunnell; Secretary and Treasurer, R. J. Howard; Directors, E. A. Jacobi, J. G. Beadle and H. C. Spear.  Present officers: President, L. W. Sanborn; Secretary and Treasurer, R. J. Howard; Directors: W. E. Phillips, H. M. Chase and Wilfred Arnold."

Bathing Pavilion and Beach, Lake Storey (90734 bytes)"Bathing Pavilion and Beach, Lake Storey, Galesburg, Ill." postcard.  Lake Storey was constructed in 1929 by the Santa Fe railroad to supply water for its' steam engines.  The lake was named for W. B. Storey.  The pavilion and beach were dedicated in September 1930.  [Contributed by Bob Miller.]

Children's Wading Pool, Lincoln Park (85605 bytes)"Children's Wading Pool, Lincoln Park, Galesburg, Ill." postcard postmarked December 5, 1937.  [Contributed by Bob Miller.]

Highland Park (72914 bytes)"Highland Park, Galesburg, Ill." postcard.  Highland Park, now known as Gale Lake, was built by the CB&Q railroad in the 1870s.  It was a popular gathering place for picnics, boating and concerts.  The lake is now owned by the town of East Galesburg.

Taken from Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and Knox County, Munsell Publishing Company, 1899, page 856.  "Highland Park is situated in Section 18, a mile east of the city limits of Galesburg.  It is under private management, which has arranged the grounds for the accommodation of picnic parties and keeps boats for hire upon the numerous small lakes with which the park is dotted, and in the neighborhood of which are large brick yards.  A street car line runs out from the city, and the place is well patronized in summer.  Ice is cut in considerable quantities from the little ponds and there are several large ice houses in the vicinity."  [Contributed by Bob Miller.]

Galesburg Driving Park (58799 bytes)"Galesburg Driving Park, Galesburg, Ill." postcard.  This one-mile track was laid out in 1894 in the area between Grand Avenue and Farnham Street.  The track was popular primarily for horse racing, but it was also used for bicycles and motorcycles.   [Contributed by Bob Miller.]

City Park, Abingdon (52151 bytes)"City Park, Abingdon, Ill." postcard.  [Contributed by Jim Ferris.]

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