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Railroad Guys, circa 1916 (159861 bytes)"Railroad Guys, circa 1916" photograph.  Those shown in the picture are identified as: 1) Eagle Beak Lynn, 2) Harold Bowles, 3) Bill Adams, 4) J. Palmgren [grandfather of the contributor], 5) Ralph Lampheir, 6) E. [Eugene] R. Kiernan, 7) W. A. Cole, 8) M. Swanson, 9) Jacobson, 10) Modine, 11) Bud Cole, 12) J. Williams, 13) Whispering Eddie Anderson, 14) Bill Fulton, 15) Harry Williams, 16) Arthur Sullivan, 17) Hod [Howard F.] Herriott, 18) McCann, 19) [William Thomas] Freeman, 20) Warren Myers.  [Contributed by Diane Eager.]

DelongGroup01.jpg (102210 bytes)This photo of eight men was apparently taken in Delong, Illinois, in 1910.  Those shown in the picture are identified as: 1) Jesse L. Turner [great uncle of contributor], 2) G. C. Gillenwater, 3) L. P. Gillum [grandfather of contributor], 4) Leon Gramer, 5) L. D. Haynes, 6) W. P. Snyder, 7) Arlo Haynes, and 8) Leon Barton.  [Contributed by Wayne Marshinke.]