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GHS 1863-1898 Graduates & 1899 Attendees: T-Z

[Transcribed by Bob Miller]
This is an alphabetical list of the 1863-1898 Galesburg High School graduates and the 1899 Galesburg High School attendees identified in the book History of the Galesburg High School, compiled and published by Roy Livingston Piatt in May, 1899.  Where a female student has subsequently married, her married name is presented in brackets.

Name Year Address
Taylor, Olive L. (Dukes) 1883 Graduate P. O. Department, Galesburg
Temple, Marie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Temple, William 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Terry, Juia Trask 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Terry, Willis 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Thomas, John J. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Thomas, Katie 1896 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Thomas, Martha 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Thompson, Alma Bessie 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Thompson, Arthur 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Thompson, Edwin 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Thompson, Lizzie (Anderson) 1885 Graduate Galesburg
Thompson, Minnie (Hart) 1891 Graduate Chicago
Thompson, Wm. F. 1883 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Thulien, F. Ida 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Thulin, Nettie M. 1887 Graduate Died 1897
Tibbits, Susie 1884 Graduate Galesburg
Tobin, Willie 1896 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Toler, Mildred 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Tomlinson, Bertha 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Tovey, Henry 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Townsend, Lora 1896 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Townsend, Nellie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Triplett, Willie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Trulson, Bertha 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Tunnicliff, Grace 1898 Graduate Moline, Ill.
Tunnicliff, Nathaniel Hunter 1897 Graduate Moline
Tuttle, Gertrude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Ulrich, Maggie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Van Scoyk, Lizzie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Van Steenburg, Charles 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
VanLiew, Genevra (Tuttle) 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Venelle, Esther 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wade, Alice 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wade, Minnie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wagoner, Edwin 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wagoner, Ellwood 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Wagoner, Rose 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Walberg, Mabel 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Walberg, Robert J. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Waldron, Chas. 1887 Graduate Wheel Business, Chicago
Waldron, Georgie (Hurlbut) 1883 Graduate Omaha, Neb.
Walker, Daisy Dean 1893 Graduate Teacher, Tuskegee, Ala.
Walker, Edna 1895 Graduate Music Teacher, Harvard, Ill.
Walker, Jessie 1896 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Wallace, Creath 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wallace, Gertrude 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Wallace, Gertrude Mae 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Wallace, Gleed 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wallace, Roscoe 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wallbaum, Will H. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Walling, Maude E. (Fox) 1885 Graduate Seattle, Wash.
Walter, Otto 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Walton, John 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Ward, Flora T. 1879 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Ward, Lottie L. 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Ward, May (Carley) 1885 Graduate Ayres, Mass.
Ward, Minnie M. 1883 Graduate Galesburg
Warren, Jessie (Ford) 1890 Graduate M.D., Galesburg
Wasson, Jessie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wasson, Martha 1896 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Wasson, Mary 1896 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Wasson, Samuel Tilden 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Waste, Clara 1881 Graduate Galesburg
Waste, Emily C. 1885 Graduate Music Teacher, Galesburg
Waste, Frank 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Watkins, Janie 1898 Graduate Student, Galesburg
Watson, Chas. L. 1898 Graduate Student, Galesburg
Watson, Edward 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Watters, Rollin 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Watts, Elmer C. 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Watts, Louie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wax, Mattie 1891 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Webster, Albert 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Weidenhamer, Nellie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Weidenhamer, Roy 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Weinberg, Gertrude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Weisman, Annette 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Weisman, George 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Welch, Frank 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Welhoff, Edith 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Wells, Clara Louise (Deem) 1894 Graduate Galva, Ill.
Wenquist, Judith 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Wenquist, Judith O. 1898 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Wenquist, Mabel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wertman, Mary Estelle (Stearns) 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Wertman, Norma 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wertman, Ora 1895 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
West, Carl 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
West, Marion 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Westerblate, Alma (Eagle) 1890 Graduate Died 1896
Westfall, Maud 1895 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Wetmore, Frank 1895 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Whiting, Egbert 1885 Graduate Agriculturist, Galesburg
Whitman, Pearl Mae 1898 Graduate Cameron, Ill.
Wiand, Gertrude 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Widney, Alice 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Wilbur, Annie 1885 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Wilbur, Daisie 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Wilbur, Daisy Marie 1898 Graduate Student Business Col., Galesburg
Wilbur, Fred 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Wilcox, Hattie M. (Ensminger) 1878 Graduate Knox; Kansas City, Mo.
Wilds, Wilson 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wiley, Annie E. (Day) 1877 Graduate Galesburg
Wilke, David 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Willard, Charles Torrey 1864 Graduate Galesburg
Willard, Frances C. (Dunlap) 1863 Graduate Chicago
Williams, Howard Ovan 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Williams, Ilma 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Williams, Jennie Alice 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Williams, Jessie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Williams, May T. 1880 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Williamson, Addie 1896 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Williamson, Jean Burns 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Williamson, Nellie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Willis, Bruce 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Willis, Dean 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Willis, Mana 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Willis, Ralph 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Wilson, Burtrust 1887 Graduate Dallas, Texas
Wilson, Lyman 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Wilson, Pudeane 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Winn, George 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Winn, Julia 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Winter, Edna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wiswell, Augusta G. (Eastes) 1881 Graduate Galesburg
Woodward, Florence A. 1867 Graduate -
Woolsey, Ethel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Worden, Percy 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Wyman, Louis 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Yager, Addie 1895 Graduate Stenographer, Chicago
Yager, Bessie 1892 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Yager, Hazel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Yager, Isadore (Woods) 1888 Graduate Chicago
Young, Anna 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Young, Bessie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Young, Gladys 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Young, Lena 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Youngberg, Mary F. (Reed) 1863 Graduate San Jose, Cal.
Zetterberg, Arvid 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Zetterberg, Louise 1896 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Zetterberg, Selma 1890 Graduate Music Teacher, Galesburg
Zoll, Constance 1899 Junior Class Galesburg