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GHS 1863-1898 Graduates & 1899 Attendees: P-S

[Transcribed by Bob Miller.]
This is an alphabetical list of the 1863-1898 Galesburg High School graduates and the 1899 Galesburg High School attendees identified in the book History of the Galesburg High School, compiled and published by Roy Livingston Piatt in May, 1899.  Where a female student has subsequently married, her married name is presented in brackets.

Name Year Address
Packard, Cora M. 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Packard, Lottie 1876 Graduate Dressmaker, Galesburg
Page, Frank 1896 Graduate Stenographer, Galesburg
Palm, Martin 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Palmer, Mabel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Panhorst, Earl 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Parker, Carrie A. (Magers) 1877 Graduate Galesburg
Parker, Essie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Parker, Hillis 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Parry, Josie (Grubb) 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Patch, Alice 1884 Graduate Teacher Kindergarten, Galesburg
Patterson, Della 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Patterson, Ralph 1896 Graduate St. Louis, Mo.
Pearson, Esther 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Pease, Guy 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Peck, Clyde 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Peck, Emma 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Peck, Henry 1896 Graduate Student, Warren, R. I.
Peck, Maragret (sic) 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Perkins, Clayton 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Peterson, Anna Josephine 1898 Graduate Millinery School, Galesburg
Peterson, Eda C. (Swanson) 1881 Graduate St. Paul, Minn.
Peterson, Esther O. (Learson) 1883 Graduate Chicago, Ill.
Peterson, Gertrude 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Peterson, Hattie 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Peterson, Hilma C. 1898 Graduate Knox Student, Galesburg
Peterson, Jennie 1884 Graduate Scandanavian Mutual, Galesburg
Peterson, Lillie 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Peterson, M. Anna (Panky) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Peterson, Nettie Lettia 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Peterson, Selma A. 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Peterson, Willis 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Phelps, Anna S. 1871 Graduate -
Philbrook, Alma 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Phillips, Mary (Coffey) 1878 Graduate Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Piatt, Roy 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Pierce, Arthur 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Pierson, Jennie 1890 Graduate Galesburg
Pine, May 1887 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Plattenburg Lucile 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Plattenburg, Perry 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Pomeroy, Nevin 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Porter, John R. 1883 Graduate California
Potter, Alice S. 1883 Graduate Bookkeeper, Ravenswood, Ill.
Potter, Harriet 1888 Graduate Bookkeeper, Chicago
Potter, Herman Hubbell 1897 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Potter, Mark 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Potter, Mark J. 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Powell, Matie G. (Taylor) 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Pratt, Robert 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Price, Anna Laura 1898 Graduate Bloomington, Ill.
Prutsman, Bruce 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Pugh, Earl 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Quinlan, Martin 1896 Graduate Chicago
Ramp, John 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Rawalt, Harry 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Ray, Jessie F. 1877 Graduate Attending Normal School, Winona, Minn.
Ray, Linnie G. (Swag) 1880 Graduate Armstrong, Iowa
Raymond, Addie (Gaylord) 1888 Graduate Galesburg
Read, Henry Hastings 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Ream, Albert J. 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Ream, Grace 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Redfield, George 1891 Graduate Student Cornell, University
Redfield, Mary 1884 Graduate Died
Regnier, Ethelyn 1897 Graduate Died 1896
Regnier, Mamie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Regnier, Trella (Burch) 1892 Graduate Elberon, Ia.
Renstrom, Alfred 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Repine, Etta 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Reynold, Fannie 1891 Graduate Abingdon, Ill.
Reynolds, Clara 1888 Graduate Died
Reynolds, James 1889 Graduate Telegraph Operator
Reynolds, James 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Reynolds, Nellie F. (Hamblin) 1883 Graduate Normal, Ill.
Reynolds, Sarah 1889 Graduate Grand Rapids, Mich.
Rice, Delia M. 1880 Graduate Knox A.B., M.D.; Physician, Galesburg
Richardson, Roy 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Ridgely, Clarence 1890 Graduate Draftsman, Lichfield, Ill.
Ridgely, George 1890 Graduate Died 1890
Ringstrom, Emma C. 1879 Graduate Knox B.S.; Treasurer, Central Arizona R'y Co.; Died 1893
Risley, Inez 1892 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Roadstrum, Clayton 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Roadstrum, Forrest 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Roadstrum, Nellie 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Roadstrum, Ralph 1893 Graduate Grocer, Galesburg
Roberts, Mabel Inez 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Roberts, May B. (King) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Robertson, Fred 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Robertson, Verne 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Robinson, Percy 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Robinson, Scott 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Robinson, Willie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Robson, Dick 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Roffey, Minnie (Goddard) 1884 Graduate Putney, S. D.
Rogers, Clara 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Rogers, Ella 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Rogers, Geo. E. 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Rogers, Harry E. 1898 Graduate Knox, Galesburg
Rogers, Lila 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Rogers. Chas. Benton 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Root, Buell 1895 Graduate Traveling Salesman, Galesburg
Root, Elizabeth Delano 1897 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Root, Reba 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Rosenau, Millie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Rugar, Jennie S. 1875 Graduate Artist, Galesburg
Rumbeck, Mamie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Runkle, Louise 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Rusk, Louella 1885 Graduate Seamstress, Galesburg
Ryan, Cecilia C. 1882 Graduate Died 1893
Ryan, Lizzie M. (Balensifer) 1878 Graduate Aurora, Ills.
Sadler, Anna 1888 Graduate Chicago
Sage, George 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Sage, Mabel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Sandberg, Mary 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Sandell, Madora Grace 1897 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Sandquist, Sara 1898 Graduate Sweden, Europe
Schaeffer, Alice 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Schaeffer, Alice Lynn 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Scheideman, Arlie 1897 Graduate Berwyn, Ill.
Schoettler, Owen 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Schoots, Ulysses 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Schryver, Alice M. (Lawyer) 1878 Graduate Knox M.S., M.L.; Died 1893
Schryver, Anna A. 1877 Graduate Teacher of Biology in Normal School, Ypsilanta, Mich.
Schwartz, Ethel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Schwerer, Atlena B. 1887 Graduate -
Scogland, Maud Olivia 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Scogland, Willie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Scott, Anna 1896 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Scott, Chas. G. 1874 Graduate Broker, Pittsburg, Pa.
Scott, Edwin James 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Scott, Elizabeth L. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Scott, Ethel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Scott, Gilbert 1888 Graduate Galesburg
Scott, Preston 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Scudder, Ella 1888 Graduate Chicago
Scudder, Lillie 1892 Graduate Chicago
Searle, Milford 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Searles, Roe 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Sears, Bessie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Seastedt, Clara 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Seaton, Martin 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Seeley, Minnie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Selk, Adelaide 1879 Graduate Galesburg
Selleck, Mabel E. 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Selleck, Mamie 1898 Graduate Student Knox Con., Galesburg
Senate, Flora 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Shaffer, Edna 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Shaffer, Elma 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Shannon, Lucy (Mell Evans) 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Shannon, Maud 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Sharp, Madeline 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Shaw, M. Allie (McClough) 1886 Graduate Omaha, Neb.
Sheldon, Carrie 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Sheridan, Frances 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Sheridan, Maude 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Sherman, May Myrtle 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Sherrill, Alva 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Shirck, Goldie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Shoreen, Albert 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Shull, Harry 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Shultz, Maude 1893 Graduate Teacher, Soperville, Ill.
Shutts, Lena 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Sigsbee, Ray 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Simcox, Myrtle Gertrude (Richardson) 1894 Graduate Seattle, Wash.
Sisson, Fred W. 1879 Graduate Flagstaff, Arizona
Skinner, Fannie A. (Northcutt) 1875 Graduate Lehi, Ariz.
Slattery, George 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Slattery, Maggie 1895 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Smith, Bessie L. 1886 Graduate Teacher, Council Grove, Kan.
Smith, Blanche 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Smith, Blanche (Tyler) 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Blanche Ward 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Chas. 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Earl 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Smith, Ethel 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Smith, Georgia A. 1880 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Smith, Gilbert 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Smith, Harry 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Smith, Harry Otis 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Herbert 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Jessie 1890 Graduate Book-keeper, Galesburg
Smith, Laura 1896 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Smith, Lewis 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Mary Grace 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, May 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Minnie L. 1882 Graduate Latin Teacher, Galesburg High School
Smith, Ruth (Gray) 1890 Graduate Galesburg
Smith, Stephen 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Smith, Wallace 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Snyder, Bessie 1896 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Spaulding, DeWitt 1888 Graduate Druggist, Chicago
Speed, Alice Louise 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Speed, Fannie 1891 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Springer, Florence 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Springer, Fred 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Springer, Pauline 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Squire, Gracie A. (Evans) 1877 Graduate Galesburg
Squires, Chester A. 1897 Graduate Express Clerk, W. F. Co., Galesburg
Stark, Nellie Olivia 1894 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Stater, Katie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Stauffer, Wilfred 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Stephenson, Carl 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Stephenson, Mamie E. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Stevens, Carrie 1885 Graduate LaPorte, Texas
Stevens, Nettie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Stevens, T. C. 1869 Graduate Died 1892
Stilson, Ella M. 1882 Graduate Galesburg
Stilson, Frank W. 1877 Graduate Hardware Merchant, Galesburg
Stilson, Lottie W. (Chambers) 1880 Graduate Ravenswood, Ill.
Stimpson, Bertha 1898 Graduate Camp Point, Ill.
Stipe, Jeannette 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Stofft, Arthur Henry 1898 Graduate Moline, Ill.
Stofft, Daisie D. 1898 Graduate Burlington, Iowa
Stofft, Frank 1891 Graduate Moline
Stofft, Lillie (       ) 1892 Graduate Moline
Stokes, Edward 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Stone, Elsie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Stone, Harriet 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Stone, Martha 1889 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Stone, Otis 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Strain, Horace 1885 Graduate Clergyman, Chicago
Stranberg, Charles 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Stromsted, Florence 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Sullivan, John B. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Sullivan, Kathryn Cecile 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Sullivan, May T. 1879 Graduate Died
Sundberg, Selma 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Sunderline, Carrie (Moor) 1889 Graduate Kewana, Ill.
Swain, Eulalia 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Swanson, Amelia 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Swanson, Cora 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Swanson, Jennie M. 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Swanson, Jessie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Swanson, Ludwig J. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Swanson, Mary 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Swanson, Nellie 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Swartwout, Belle 1885 Graduate Art Teacher, Galesburg
Swenson, Dora 1895 Graduate Book-keeper, Galesburg
Swenson, George 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Swigert, Harry 1892 Graduate Dentist, Galesburg
Swigert, Hattie 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Swigert, Orton 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Switzer, Elizabeth 1893 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Switzer, Gertrude 1898 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Switzer, Jas. Wolf 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Switzer, Robert Mortimer 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Sykes, Carol 1899 Senior Class Galesburg