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GHS 1863-1898 Graduates & 1899 Attendees: K-O

[Transcribed by Bob Miller]
This is an alphabetical list of the 1863-1898 Galesburg High School graduates and the 1899 Galesburg High School attendees identified in the book History of the Galesburg High School, compiled and published by Roy Livingston Piatt in May, 1899.  Where a female student has subsequently married, her married name is presented in brackets.

Name Year Address
Kearney, Thomas 1879 Graduate Rev. Father, Long Pine, Canada
Kee, Emma 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Keefe, Anastasia 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Keefe, Ita 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Keefe, Ursula 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Kelly, Carrie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Kenan [Keenan], Bessie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Kenan [Keenan], Royal 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Kern, Mabelle Jessie 1898 Graduate Student, Chicago
Kidder, Clytia 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Kimball, Dan Bradley 1897 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Kimpton, George 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Kimpton, Harriet E. 1898 Graduate Student Knox Conservatory, Galesburg
King [?ing], Edward J. 1886 Graduate Knox A.B.; Lawyer, Galesburg
King, Philip 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Kingan, Flora J. (Brown) 1882 Graduate Died 1889
Kinnear, Charles 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Kinnear, Ethel 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Kistler, May 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Knapp, Asa 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Knight, Edith 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Knight, Edith Lyle 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Knight, Mamie 1888 Graduate Charlson, Ill.
Kobel, Estelle E. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Kopp, Anna Charlotte 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Kopp, Will H. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Laird, John Alfred 1879 Graduate Chief Engineer, Water Dept., St. Louis, Mo.
Laird, Nettie F. 1879 Graduate Coffeyville, Kan.
Lambert, Etta (Callahan) 1884 Graduate Gilson, Ill.
Lamoreaux, Edith 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Lane, Marie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lanius, James 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lanius, Mary 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Lapham, Gail 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Larson, Helma 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Larson, Nettie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Lass, Edith 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lass, Henry 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Latterner, Bertha (Lindsley) 1888 Graduate Galesburg
Latterner, Carl 1880 Graduate Druggist, Galesburg
Leach, Edyth 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Leach, Jennie 1889 Graduate Art Teacher, Norwood, Ohio
Leach, Jessie (Scott) 1890 Graduate Canton, Ill.
Leach, Susan 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Leafgreen, Grace 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Lee, Emma 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Leech, Jennie (Downing) 1890 Graduate Art Teacher, Glendale, Ill.
Leidy, Lottie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lemon, Alice 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lemon, Grace 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Leonard, Hubert 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Lescher, Gertrude 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lewis, Elvira 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lewis, Fannie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lindberg, Edna Elvina 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Lindeberg, Neally 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Lindoft, Earnest 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Lindstrom, Claude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Lindstrom, Laura 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Lindstrum, Arcella 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Linguist, Lillian Estella 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Linquist, Theodore 1894 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Linrothe, Ellen (Davis) 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Linrothe, Hannah 1897 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Lombard, Chester 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Lombard, Harold 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Lombard, Julia 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Lombard, Mamie 1891 Graduate Lincoln, Neb.
Long, Katie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Longnecker, Ida A. (Hebbard) 1876 Graduate Kansas City, Mo.
Loquist, Willie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Love, Edgar 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Luckey, Josephine 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Luckey, Lottie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Lundgren, Tillie (Remquist) 1881 Graduate Michigan
Mack, Alice 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Mack, Hattie 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Main, Albert 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Main, Frances M. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Main, Jennie (Moore) 1888 Graduate Galesburg
Main, Lloyd 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Malick, Angie L. (Whiting) 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Maloney, Mary Alice (Clark) 1878 Graduate Galesburg
Manning, Harold A. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Manning, Harry 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Manny, John 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Marble, Harry 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Marble, Maud 1885 Graduate -
Mars, James Andrew 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Mars, Kate 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Mars, Mary 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Marsh, Bessie F. 1889 Graduate Recorder's Office, Galesburg
Marshall, Josephine 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Martin, Albert 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Martin, Bessie 1885 Graduate Galesburg
Martin, Wm. J. 1874 Graduate Real Estate Broker, Palo Alto, Cal.
Mason, Amanda S. (Tuten) 1869 Graduate Iron Mountain, Mich.
Mason, Earnest T. S. 1883 Graduate C. M. L. A. Employee, Galesburg
Mason, Eugene 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Massey, Wiley 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Massie, Harriet 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Mather, Alice (Woods) 1884 Graduate Galesburg
Matteson, Frank 1885 Graduate Brick Salesman, Canton, Ill.
Matteson, Marie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Matteson, Minnie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Matteson, Ralph 1895 Graduate Contractor Clerk, Davenport, Ia.
Maury, Maude Thurston 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Maxwell, Jennie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Maxwell, Will C. 1893 Graduate Lawyer, Virginia
Mayer, Oscar 1893 Graduate Virginia
McClure, Ross 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
McCullock, Birdie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
McKee, Louis 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
McLaughlin, Mary Louella 1897 Graduate Teacher, Douglas, Ill.
McLoughlin, George 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
McMasters, Mary E. 1897 Graduate Postal Clerk, Altona, Ill.
McQuillan, Kate (Moley) 1880 Graduate Galesburg
Melburg, Minnie (Carlson) 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Merrill, Nellie A. (Schultz) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Mershon, Mary 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Miller, Glenn J. 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Miller, Maud 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Miller, Myra 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Mills, Evelyn 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Milmine, Edward 1889 Graduate Editor, Lincoln, Neb.
Moberg, Linnie A. 1882 Graduate Teacher, Washington
Moberg, Nettie G. 1882 Graduate Teacher, Washington
Moore, Jas. M. 1887 Graduate Electrician, Chicago
Moore, John 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Moore, Katherine Agnes 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Moore, Mary 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Moore, Peter Phillip 1897 Graduate Student Brown's Bus. Col., Galesburg
Moore, Tom 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Morey, Louise 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Morey, Mabel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Mosher, Cornelia 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Moshier, Maude 1889 Graduate Trained Nurse, Galesburg
Mott, Katie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Muir, Ella 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Muir, Sadie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Munsell, Hattie E. 1880 Graduate Chicago, Ill.
Munson, Caroline 1889 Graduate Musician and Bookkeeper, Galesburg
Munson, Mary 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Murdock, Charles 1885 Graduate Contact, Montana
Myers, Nellie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Myres, Dorothy Ada (Judson) 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Nash, Faith 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Naylor, Edith 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Neely, Dick W. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Neiswender, Mary 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Nelson, Addie L. 1881 Graduate Book-keeper, Galesburg
Nelson, Arthur 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Nelson, Clarence 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Nelson, Effie C. E. (Barr) 1883 Graduate Galesburg
Nelson, Elfreda (Oleson) 1890 Graduate Galesburg
Nelson, Emily Amanda (Boyer) 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Nelson, Helen 1891 Graduate Stenographer, Galesburg
Nelson, Marian 1869 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Nelson, Marinda 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Nelson, Mayme 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Newcomer, Carrie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Newcomer, Ray 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Newell, Lottie J. 1865 Graduate Galesburg
Newton, Nellie 1896 Graduate Bookkeeper, Galesburg
Nichols, Clara A. 1873 Graduate -
Nirdlinger, Gertrude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Norris, Frank 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Norton, Albert 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Norton, Anna 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Norton, Florence Marie 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Norton, Wm. E. 1898 Graduate Farmer, Galesburg
Oberg, Belinda 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Oberg, Lillie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Oberg, Selma 1895 Graduate Knox Student, Galesburg
Oberg, Sophia 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Oberg, Stanley 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Ogden, Mary Adeline 1898 Graduate Teacher, Cameron, Ill.
Oleen, Carl 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Oleen, Clara Hildegarde 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Oleen, Evelyn 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Oleen, Wilford 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Olin, Ida U. (Goldsmith) 1880 Graduate Surprise, Neb.
Olmsted, Flora E. (Avery) 1863 Graduate Galesburg
Olson, Anna 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Olson, Ellen (Johnson) 1885 Graduate Galesburg
Olson, Irene 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Olson, James O. 1882 Graduate Died 1887
Olson, Louie 1885 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Olson, Nettie 1888 Graduate Galesburg
Olson, Stella A. (Swanson) 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Orgibet, May 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Osterberg, Anna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Ostrander, Bertha 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Overlander, Eva (Angell) 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Overlander, Katie 1896 Graduate San Jose, Cal.
Overlander, Lucy 1899 Middle Class Galesburg