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GHS 1863-1898 Graduates & 1899 Attendees: C-F

[Transcribed by Bob Miller]
This is an alphabetical list of the 1863-1898 Galesburg High School graduates and the 1899 Galesburg High School attendees identified in the book History of the Galesburg High School, compiled and published by Roy Livingston Piatt in May, 1899.  Where a female student has subsequently married, her married name is presented in brackets.

Name Year Address
Caldwell, Anthony J. 1898 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Caldwell, Harley 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Calkins, Bertha 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Calkins, Earnest 1885 Graduate Knox A.B.; New York City
Calkins, Fred 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Calkins, Fred 1893 Graduate Clerk and Book-keeper, Galesburg
Calkins, Helen Manville 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Calkins, Leah (Pearsoll) 1888 Graduate Knox B.L.; Elgin, Ill.
Calkins, Will 1890 Graduate C. M. L. A., Galesburg
Callender, Blanche 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Campbell, Irene 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Campbell, Mary E. 1864 Graduate -
Candee, Fannie (Gale) 1867 Graduate Galesburg
Candee, Jennie (Brush) 1864 Graduate Carbondale, Ills.
Canfield, Owen 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Carey, Mary (Moore) 1888 Graduate Chicago
Carleton, Chell 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Carney, Winifred 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Carter, Estelle Pauline 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Carter, Eugene 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Carter, Louis 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Cary, Frank 1896 Graduate Chicago
Castle, Carroll 1891 Graduate Dentist, Galesburg
Castle, Cynthia 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Challender, Lillian 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Chalmers, Bessie 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Chalmers, Elizabeth 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Chalmers, Paul 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Chamberlain, Alice 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Chamberlain, Edith 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Chapin, Carrie L. 1880 Graduate Teacher, Churchill School, Galesburg
Chapin, Charles 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Chapin, Gertrude R. 1880 Graduate Knox B.S.; Teacher, High School, Galesburg
Chapman, Harry 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Charles, Mary Ellen 1864 Graduate Died
Charlson, Arthur Julius 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Charlson, Charles 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Charlson, Jennie 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Chase, Nellie 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Chavours, Eva 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Chellburg, Minnie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Childs, Erminie Dix 1894 Graduate Died
Childs, Roy 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Chinn, Bertha 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Chitty, Charles 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Chitty, Mattie L. (Holingsworth) 1886 Graduate Canton, Ill.
Christopher, Ethel 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Clark, Chester M. 1881 Graduate Knox A.B., B.D.; 
Clergyman, Marseilles, Ia.
Clark, Jennie E. (Hunt) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Clark, Pauline Alice 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Clarkson, Florence 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Clay, Alta B. 1897 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Clay, Cora (Roxey) 1897 Graduate Neb.
Clendenin, Elizabeth 1898 Graduate Havana, Cuba
Clendenin, Helen 1898 Graduate Student, Boston
Clendenin, Mabel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Clute, Jessie Van 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Cobb, Harry 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Cobb, Scott 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Cochrun, Bessie 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Cochrun, Margaret 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Coe, Lulu 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Coffey, Eddie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Coffman, Harry 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Coffman, Nina 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Collidge, Edna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Collins, Effie 1892 Graduate Chicago
Collins, Nellie C. 1887 Graduate Bookkeeper, Chicago, Ill.
Colville, Anne 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Colville, Jule 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Colville, Margaret M. (McCornack) 1883 Graduate Knox A.M.; Howard Lake, Minn.
Colville, Nita (Lescher) 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Comstock, Carrie 1884 Graduate Kansas City, Mo.
Cone, Clara 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Cone, Mark 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Cone, Mark 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Conger, Guy Park 1897 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Converse, Myrtle (Widney) 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Cook, Frances E. (Post) 1893 Graduate Chicago
Cooke, Florence A. 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Cooke, Grace (Smith) 1895 Graduate Chicago
Coolidge, Edgar D. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Coolidge, Josephine 1896 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Coolidge, Nellie 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Coolidge, Walter 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Cooper, Mae Godrich 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Copely, Mary E. (Valentine) 1876 Graduate Altona, Ill.
Corbin, Bert 1885 Graduate Book-keeper, St. Louis, Mo.
Cortright, Gertie 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Coulson, Elma Marie 1897 Graduate Battle Creek, Mich.
Cox, Ethel 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Cox, Ethel Wayne 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Cratty, Estelle 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Craver, Lucy 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Crawford, Mary 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Crocker, Floy 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Crocker, Leslie J. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Culver, Blanche 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Culver, Cora Adelia 1897 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Culver, Richard 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Cummings, Louella 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Cummins, Irrihhe V. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Cummins, Lydia 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Cunningham, Ora Lorelda 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Curran, Jennie (Everson) 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Cuyler, May 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Dallach, Alex Carl 1897 Graduate Chicago
Dallach, Elsie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Danielson, Mary 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Danielson, Selma 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Darst, Wilmer 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
David, Dora 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Davidson, Belle 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Davidson, Delia 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Davidson, Elsie 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Davidson, Grace 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Davidson, Sam C. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Davis, Alta 1891 Graduate Teacher, Chicago
Davis, Clifford 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Davis, Ellen 1885 Graduate Teacher (Prin. Douglas School), Galesburg
Davis, John 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Davis, Kate 1889 Graduate Teacher, Knoxville, Ill.
Davis, Mary J. (J. T. McKnight) 1863 Graduate Galesburg
Davis, Rena (Wasson) 1891 Graduate Galesburg
DeForest, Lorraine 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
DeJerld, Aurilley I. 1886 Graduate Died
Delbridge, Garnet 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Demery, Timothy 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Dennis, Laura Mina 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Denny, Loretta 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Derby, Mary L. 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Dewey, Winnie 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Dick, Walter H. 1898 Graduate Springfield, Ill.
Dickson, Edna Horrell 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Dickson, Guy B. 1881 Graduate Doctor, Chicago
Dickson, Mabel 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Dines, Ethel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Dolbin, Estelle 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Dolbin, Myrtle 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Dolbin, Reese 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Doll, Harriet L. 1873 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Donelly, Anna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Doudna, Nellie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Dougharty, Curtis 1879 Graduate Officer, Ill. Central Railroad, Chicago
Douthett, Roxey Edith 1897 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Dove, Jennie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Dow, Mabel 1892 Graduate Teacher Elocution, Chicago
Driggs, Wm. M. 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
DuBois, Ethel 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Dudley, Chas. E. 1877 Graduate Assistant Train Master, CB&Q Railroad, Galesburg
Duffey, Frances 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Duffey, Kathlyn 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Dunn, Chas. W. 1873 Graduate Knox A.M.; Professor of Theology, Fisk University, Nashville, Tenn.
Dunn, Joe H. 1898 Graduate Clerk, Galesburg
Dunn, Maude 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Eastes, Carrie 1889 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Eastes, George J. 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Eastes, John W. 1875 Graduate Telegraph Operator, CB&Q Stock Yards, Galesburg
Edgerton, Erastus 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Edmundson, Inez 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Elder, Mollie M. (Jorden) 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Emrich, Lilian 1889 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Emrich, Minnie C. (Washington) 1883 Graduate Ravenswood, Ill.
Emrich, Roy 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Engstrand, Charles 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Enochs, Grace 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Envall, Mary 1890 Graduate Galesburg
Epperson, Clyde 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Eppsteiner, Earl 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Erickson, Henry E. 1898 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Erickson, Josephine Louise 1894 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Erickson, Lillie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Evans, George 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Evans, Pearl 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Fargo, Alida E. (Bartlett) 1865 Graduate Knox; Des Moines, Iowa
Felt, Albert 1896 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Felt, Walter 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Fensterer, Mary 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Ferris, Ethel 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Ferris, Grant 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Ferris, Mamie 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Finch, Earnest 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Finney, Maude Lorraine 1897 Graduate Chicago
Fitch, Hazel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Flagg, Neally 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Fleharty, George 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Fletcher, Chas. W. 1887 Graduate Laborer, Galesburg
Fletcher, Ralph 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Flether, George 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Flynn, Dan 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Flynn, Geo. Wm. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Flynn, Jas. Francis 1894 Graduate Dentist, Galesburg
Folger, George 1887 Graduate Died 1891
Folger, Sarah B. 1887 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Forgy, Flora 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Fortney, Gertrude 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Foshay, John 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Frankeberger, Ray 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Fraser, Eva 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Fredericks, Emma Julia 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Freeburg, George 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Freed, Clara 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Freer, Morton C. 1898 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Frey, Charlotte 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Frey, Emma 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Frisbie, Cora 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Frisbie, Orton 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Fuhrman, Edna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Fuller, Bessie Mabel 1897 Graduate Stenographer, Galesburg
Fuller, Emma 1892 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Fuller, Stancliff 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Futhey, Myrtle 1899 Senior Class Galesburg