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GHS 1863-1898 Graduates & 1899 Attendees: A-B

[Transcribed by Bob Miller]
This is an alphabetical list of the 1863-1898 Galesburg High School graduates and the 1899 Galesburg High School attendees identified in the book History of the Galesburg High School, compiled and published by Roy Livingston Piatt in May, 1899.  Where a female student has subsequently married, her married name is presented in brackets.

Name Year Address
Adams, E. Q. 1869 Graduate Wholesale Harness Merchant, Galesburg
Adams, Harley 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Adams, Kate A. (Wallace Johnson) 1877 Graduate Galesburg
Ahlenius, Hilmer Orson 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Ahlenius, Rudolph 1891 Graduate Grocer, Galesburg
Ahlenius, Tellie 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Akeyson, Edward 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Akeyson, Edward 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Albert, Minnie J. (Blount) 1880 Graduate Byram, Ill.
Aldrich, Alice 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Aldrich, Clarence 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Aldrich, Elmer 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Aldrich, Gertrude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Aldrich, Julia 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Aldrich, Ralph 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Alexander, Kelly 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Allen, Belle W. 1881 Graduate First Colored Graduate; Died 1889
Allen, Bessie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Allen, Blanche 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Allen, Daniel E. 1887 Graduate Galesburg
Allen, Eva (Hughes) 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Allen, Grace 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Allen, James 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Allen, Jennie L. 1884 Graduate Music Teacher, Galesburg
Allen, Nellie M. 1883 Graduate -
Allen, Ralph 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Alters, Kittie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Altine, Laura 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Anderberg, Amanda 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Anderson, Amil 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Anderson, Clara J. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Anderson, Edna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Anderson, Edwin 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Anderson, Fred 1885 Graduate Galesburg
Anderson, Fred G. 1883 Graduate C. M. L. A. Employee, Galesburg
Anderson, Jennie 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Anderson, Lilah Mildred 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Anderson, Mamie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Anderson, Mary Olivia 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Anderson, Maude 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Anderson, Nellie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Anderson, Nellie (Frank) 1885 Graduate Atherton, Ohio
Anderson, Rena 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Anderson, Robert 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Anderson, Theodore 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Anderson, Tillie A. 1877 Graduate Music Teacher, Galesburg
Andrews, Amanda 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Andrews, Chas. L. 1880 Graduate Asst. Manager, Evening Post, N. Y. City
Andrews, Thirza (Bone) 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Anstine, Bessie 1899 Middle Class Died March 20, 1899
Arkels, Etta (Lord) 1884 Graduate Galesburg
Armstrong, Annie M. 1878 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Armstrong, Flora (Teasdale) 1888 Graduate Kansas City, Mo.
Armstrong, Mary Jessie 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Armstrong, Nellie C. 1893 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Armstrong, Nettie H. 1881 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Armstrong, Wm. A. 1884 Graduate Teller in Bank, Galesburg
Arnold, Edward C. 1889 Graduate Operator, Memphis, Tenn.
Arnold, Elizabeth 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Arnold, Frances B. 1890 Graduate Teacher High School, Galesburg
Arnold, Fred 1889 Graduate Lawyer, Galesburg
Arnold, Harriet 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Arnold, Henry 1885 Graduate Knox A.B.; Real Estate Agent, Galesburg
Arnold, Lettie (McGaan) 1879 Graduate Altona, Ill.
Arnold, Louis 1893 Graduate Dental Student, Chicago
Arnold, Mattie 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Astle, Joe 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Atchison, Gertrude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Austin, Harry 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Axen, Fred 1895 Graduate Stenographer, Galesburg
Ayers, Jas. B. 1877 Graduate Knox A.B.; Missionary, Yamaguchi, Japan
Babcock, Lulu 1891 Graduate Teacher in High School, Galesburg
Babcock, Nora E. (Kertz) 1877 Graduate Weisner, Idaho
Backman. Lillian 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bade, Retta 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bair, Mattie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Baker, Earnest E. 1880 Graduate El Paso, Tex.
Baldwin, Lena 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Baldwin, Pearl 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Balz, Pauline 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bancroft, Sarah L. 1866 Graduate Galesburg
Barlow, Lawrence 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Barlow, Mabel 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Barnard, Chas. K. 1879 Graduate Died
Barnes, Lynn 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Barnett, Pearl 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bartlett, John C. 1897 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Bartlett, Nita 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bartlett, Willie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Barton, Louella 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bateman, Earl 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bateman, Louisa 1888 Graduate Died
Bateman, Mary (Arkles) 1888 Graduate Kewanee, Ill.
Bates, Florence 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Bates, Neally Lynn 1897 Graduate Telegraph Operator, Chicago
Battell, LeRoy 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Bauman, Clara (Vanvalier) 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Baxter, Howard 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Belcher, Roy 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Belden, Mattie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bell, Cora 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bell, Walter Ferdinand 1897 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Bellinger, Jessie 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bellinger, Katie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Benedict, Arthur 1884 Graduate Galesburg
Benedict, Jennie E. (Logan) 1880 Graduate Chicago
Berger, Morris 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Berggren, Earl 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bergland, Alice E. 1885 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Bergland, Jennie (Slocum) 1880 Graduate Knox B. S.; Concord, N. H.
Bergland, Miriam 1889 Graduate Galesburg
Bergland, Selma (Hunter) 1881 Graduate Galesburg
Berquist, Estella M. (Byram) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Berry, Cora 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Berry, Jesse 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Berry, Mattie 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Bertrand, Maude 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Bertrand, Minnie 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Bigelow, Bessie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Billings, Eva M. (Haneford) 1877 Graduate Good Hope, Ill.
Bishop, Grover 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bissell, Nellie 1876 Graduate Died
Blaine, Sarah 1894 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Blake, Mae L. 1886 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Blake, Sadie E. (Coolidge) 1880 Graduate Galesburg
Blessing, Caroline J. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Blessing, Rosie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Blessing, Willie A. 1897 Graduate Caller at Q., Galesburg
Blick, Bertha 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Bliss, Artie (Dunn) 1880 Graduate Galesburg
Bliss, Willard 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Blodgett, Estella (Dean) 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Blodgett, Thomas 1895 Graduate Student Knox; Detroit, Mich.
Bloomquist, Walter 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Blum, Edna 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Blum, Harry J. 1897 Graduate Galesburg
Boden, Elvira Lulu 1898 Graduate Teacher, London Mills, Ill.
Boden, Lizzie 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Borg, Mary 1890 Graduate Book-keeper, Galesburg
Boutelle, Addison J. 1887 Graduate Lawyer, Galesburg
Boutelle, Carrie M. 1882 Graduate Director Kindergarten, Normal, Omaha
Boutelle, Will 1890 Graduate Clerk in M. M. office Q., Galesburg
Boyd, Jennie S. (Beetham) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Boydston, Everett 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Boyer, Charles 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Boyer, Jerome 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Boyle, Minnie 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bradbury, Daisy 1892 Graduate Galesburg
Bradbury, May 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bradbury, Walter 1899 Graduate Pupil Galesburg
Bradbury, Walter B. 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Bradshaw, Vera Margaret 1898 Graduate Student Knox, Galesburg
Brady, Charles 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Brainard, Caroline 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Branham, Eva 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Branhan, Mazzappa (Palmer) 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Brechwald, Amelia B. (Stickney) 1883 Graduate Galesburg
Bridge, Earl 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bridge, Glenn 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Bridge, John 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Brimhall, Amelia 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Brintnall, Arthur W. 1894 Graduate Chicago
Bristol, Albert 1896 Graduate Galesburg
Bristol, Maude 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Brooks, Hattie M. 1890 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Brooks, Mamie (Fuller) 1891 Graduate Galesburg
Brown, Arthur 1899 Middle Class Galesburg
Brown, Carrie Sarah 1898 Graduate Galesburg
Brown, Curtis 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Brown, Edna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Brown, Edwin 1895 Graduate Draftsman, St. Louis, Mo.
Brown, Ella S. (Scott) 1877 Graduate Galesburg
Brown, Eva 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Brown, George W. 1865 Graduate -
Brown, Hattie 1891 Graduate Ft. Madison, Iowa
Brown, Vilasco 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Brown, Wm. Fene 1865 Graduate -
Bruner, Carrie 1890 Graduate Died
Bruner, Maude (Edens) 1892 Graduate Chicago
Bryner, Pearl 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Bullock, Fay 1896 Graduate Student Lombard, Galesburg
Burgess, Jessie W. (Osborne) 1880 Graduate Jophin, Mo.
Burke, Andy 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Burke, Aura Ella 1894 Graduate -
Burkhalter, Edna 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Burkhalter, James 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Burkhalter, Nellie (Boutelle) 1890 Graduate Galesburg
Burkhalter, Robert 1890 Graduate Lawyer, Memphis, Tenn.
Burneson, Eva 1899 Senior Class Galesburg
Burton, Nettie A. 1880 Graduate -
Bushong, Esten 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Butcher, Milton 1899 Junior Class Galesburg
Butterfield, Fannie (Ream) 1886 Graduate Galesburg
Butterfield, Josephine 1894 Graduate Galesburg
Byram, Grace 1895 Graduate Galesburg
Byram, Hester 1889 Graduate Teacher, Galesburg
Byram, Joseph E. 1887 Graduate Postal Department, Galesburg
Byram, Louise A. (DeSpain) 1881 Graduate Cottage Grove, Ore.
Byram, Zella M. 1893 Graduate Galesburg
Byrns, Albert E. 1887 Graduate Physician, Chicago, Ill.